MOAA and the Solstice

newsfileHi folks,

So let me first start off by saying that I hope you’ve all had a lovely and enjoyable Winter Solstice (Grianstad an Geimhreadh).

I’ve had a hectic few days as the Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea (MOAA) announced it’s decision to remove itself from the egregore of the Golden Dawn. This caused many people to scratch their heads and ask if we’d still be working the Golden Dawn rituals or were we completely disavowing them. Nick made his response over on his blog today.  As you can see we’re not disavowing the rituals of the Golden Dawn but questioning the healthiness of the original Order’s egregore. The importance of this egregore is that whether one is new or old to the Golden Dawn system they are, by virtue of the name combined with their goals and praxis, linked to the original Order’s egregore.

As the announcement was made viral I was travelling home for the Christmas break. I was actually travelling home on the day of the Winter Solstice. In general this time of year marks the pinnacle of the winter season as the Child of Light returns bringing with it a sense of promise for a new dawn so to speak. Considering this motif and the timing of MOAA’s announcement a new dawn seems ironic.

With MOAA’s announcement Nick also outlined some of the Order’s principles in a more succinct manner:

  1. Fuse the Inner and Outer plane traditions of the Smaragdum Thallasses (as expressed by the Dion Fortune tradition and the pure Golden Dawn). This may seem like someone bumped their head and forgot that the S.T. was a part of the greater Golden Dawn tradition but no, as Nick has pointed out S.T., though a Temple of the Stella Matutina to begin with became an order and the temple became known as Whare Ra Temple of the Smaragdum Thallasses.
  2. To develop a scientific and individualist approach to magic. I know, magicians aren’t scientists and we don’t need to prove ourselves, but shessh does that ever miss the point! Scientific methodologies are an important method for self-reflection upon the magical path. 
  3. Restore a balance between religions within magic so that a person might develop their own religious understanding free from [dependency on] any dogma. As you can see I’ve inserted the phrase “dependency on” as an understanding that religion is not the baddie here but that over-reliance on religion diminishes the individual’s ability to function.
  4. To provide magical training to those who are ready using the latest communication methods.
  5. To experiment with new methods of magical expression and to share that information. MOAA has always strived to develop fraternal relations through a certain amount of information exchange. The Western Mystery Tradition has suffered enough from individual’s capitalising on information as if it were bitcoin or something.
  6. To eliminate any discrimination within occultism on the basis of sex, religion, race, sexuality or beliefs.
  7. To establish better communication between Western Mystery traditions to the enhancement of our own. See point 5. 
  8. To encourage each student to develop their magical gifts to the best of their ability so that they can take a pivotal role within an evolving humanity.
  9. To assist [each] student and adept in the attainment of their own spiritual destiny.
  10. To continue to study and adapt the Smaragdum Thallasses system. This one really could and probably will be a post of its own at a later stage. There has been a lot of confusion over the work and development of the Whare Ra Temple of the Smaragdum Thallasses Order from it’s foundation in the Stella Matutina Order and how it later influenced other magicians such as Dion Fortune and the Servants of the Light school. 
  11. To create a magical order where practical techniques are given priority over intellectual understanding. Well, this may sound like we’re being overly pompous but its been our experience time and tide again that people coming to the WMT prioritise the intellectual to the detriment of all practical magic and invariably an experiential knowledge is never developed. In my own view, this is not simply a case of “oh we have oral lore you don’t know about from that book” but rather that there is a lot missing from the book that one can’t know.

There’s a lot of these principles that lend themselves to more active participation in society and the world around us. As many of you will be well aware of by now I’ve LONG been of the opinion that magic is there to help us and to help us help our loved ones and community. This isn’t to say that we should spoil ourselves demanding all sorts from the universe but that a healthier self, family, friends and community circle is beneficial on a larger to all.

There are many members of the Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea, and everyone has their own spiritual destiny or path to walk and many of them may have different understandings than myself.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, if you celebrate I hope its a good one for you. If not, then may you find your path in Life and live it as beautifully and fully as you can.


I’ve put a spell on you

Forget women in black hats cackling around a cauldron – today’s followers of paganism are more likely to offer you spiritual healing, says Andrea Smith


Niall MacSiurtain (27), known as Abhainn, is originally from Sligo; his family moved to Leitrim when he was a teenager. He has just completed the first year of a master’s degree in English literature at the University of Limerick…

Click image to read entire section!

The interview was conducted via email and explores my path into modern craft practices and eventually the Golden Dawn system of magic and how I see it playing out in my life and the lives of those around me. I had a lot of fun putting my ideas into words and it was strange being on the receiving end of the interview process for once. Hope everyone else enjoyed the interview with myself the the other three ladies… I’ve only briefly met Janet Farrar before with a lot of friends in common but its always lovely to see other Craft practitioners sharing their stories.

And thus begins my career as a poster child of paganism! I jest of course. Paganism, witchcraft and magic as a whole is far too diverse to accurately reflect it all but Ms. Smith was a wonderful interviewer. And I’d also like to thank the staff photographer who drove all the way from Sligo to take the wonderful picture! I really want to use it for my profile pics online now! lol

Check out the info section for details on the U.L. Pagan Society and how to get in touch. We’d very much like to meet you and share in some great events as well as create new ones!

Setting things right!

The school of martial arts I belong to has the philosophy, “If the hand goes forth, withhold the anger and if anger goes forth withhold the hand”. This means that if you must fight let it not be in anger. Last year the Dublin Temple broke from MOAA and within a month had set about it’s new course toward forming a new Golden Dawn Order, it called itself the “Ancient and Honourable Order of the Golden Dawn”. Within two months of the split from MOAA and after a number of personal difficulties between myself and the leadership in Dublin progressing I received the following  e-mail:

EOE Regrettable Decision

My immediate reaction was one of extreme hurt and loss. I was angry but not yet sure how angry I was. That knowledge came in time as I was forwarded the following email which had been forwarded to all the members of the budding AHOGD, I can only presume that it was also forwarded to Candidates who were waiting at the time for initiation. Something to consider as you read this is that Dean/Yechidah and Gerard/EOE named the new Order the “Ancient and Honourable Order of the Golden Dawn” – when you’ve finished ask yourself is this traditional or honourable to do? I ask you to consider this if you are a member of the Golden Dawn community, the Irish esoteric community or otherwise when approached by seekers.

Frater EOE Opening-pt4

Point 1: It should be understood what was said to Oein was concerning some personal issues between myself, Fra. Yechidah and Fra. EOE as he was at that time a mutual friend to us all. Fra. Yechidah and Oein had been friends for years before a bitter falling out and only recently made attempts to reconcile at this point. Fra. EOE had joined the small circle later but even so he knows better than to state that Oein expressed no interest in the Golden Dawn as this is simply not true.

Point 2: Wow! Way to paraphrase what happened EOE! Those that were there know precisely what happened. I freely admit that I quickly lost the run of the workshop but stating that I grabbed Fra. Yechidah’s breasts and told people that touching in ceremony is standard is way off base! I told people we had a small space (which we did) so some touching was bound to happen and to be mindful but never to abandon personal safety.

Point 3: The charge of not doing the work of the grades or barely doing it is bogus! Fra. Yechidah was and presumably still is the Praemonstrator (teacher) of the Dublin Temple and anyone thats encountered him in person or online knows what a stickler he is! Also, if EOE is that keen to share he should remember any repeats I had he had too! As for missed meetings, I’ve never once missed a meeting at the Dublin Temple! EVER! My day involved leaving my home in Limerick at 07.45 for a bus to town to catch a train to Dublin Heuston arriving at 12.05 and catching a LUAS (tram) to the Temple by 12.15 maybe 12.20 if I stopped to pick up something to nibble on for the Temple (rarely just for myself) and because I was more often than not catching a train back same way leaving Dublin at 21.25 with NO TIME to get food. This meant I was arriving in Limerick City for 23.30 and far too late for buses to my apartment. For the record Temple meetings officially started at 13.00 – 18.00 but we never finished on time because Fra. Yechidah used to be late. Anyway more often than not some Chief work was needed doing from 18.30 or 18.45 onwards before I really had to dash home.

Point 4: What a load of clap-trap! There was no formal warning in February. There was a meeting wherein I explained my difficulties concerning the nature of my epilepsy and that I needed more help, which was promised to me but inevitably never to come.

EOE pts 5-7

Point 5: The creative history comes in very handy here! This was at the point when we’d broken from MOAA and decided to set up as an Independent Temple with a notion toward founding an Order. The pair of them in a Chief’s meeting made some nebulous comments about ordering of grade initiations which I sought to clarify as this was yet another long day and to be honest I’m still not sure I misheard them but I was very tired.

Point 6: *le sigh* More erroneous comments from EOE here! I’ve never been initiated into Wicca and therefore never been privy to any goings on therein and this is something many of the then new members of the Dublin Temple asked me about and I answered honestly. As for the obsession with teaching – erm, until my final year of college and halfway through it my planned career was in teaching! They knew this, so “obsession” or career? The part relating to Soror RSCF is a bit obtuse in this situation as no one had any answers least of all me and unlike certain others there present I didn’t faff and pretend otherwise. I told what I thought *could* be the answer but conceded I didn’t know! In fairness to Soror RSCF she seemed more than understanding and seemed to understand where some of my conjectures were coming from and clear that they were indeed conjectures. More to teaching… huh! Interesting comment here from someone who’s never offered any information related to what was in gradepacks to people! EOE has no more insight than I do yet my questioning of the Candidate’s thought-processes was to offer them a chance to speak up and speak freely without Yechidah or EOE nodding and derailing them to something a little more agreeable. The function of the Antica in MOAA as EOE and Yechidah ought to have known since they were the core facilitators with Yechidah functioning as Warden (there was a YouTube clip of him appearing at a Talk on the Golden Dawn at Féile Draíochta 2011 which has been set to private now).

Point 7: Concerning my Oibre-Mhor blog this is rather bizarre because EOE seems completely unaware that Yechidah was online on Skype with me as the final piece went up! I don’t deny that I made a rather ‘candid’ post but I stand by what was written since at no point did it EVER speak of any one Candidate’s specific details. I resent this entirely considering that it was I who proposed that Anticum meetings be conducted with confidentiality in mind. The issue as raised by Yechidah in particular was one of language used and frankly I obliged because he’d added me to the Temple’s blogroll unbeknownst to me and I felt that the blog could go more official rather than a space to vent and clear my thought (which is what all my blogs have been!).

EOE pts 8-11

Point 8: What EOE omits here is that he and Yechidah had come to their decision a LONG time before the official split with MOAA and only discussed this with me when I was ambushed from members of MOAA wishing to know what the hell was going on! The request for two weeks grace was in order for me to finish my Final Year exams in university which they were aware of and while Nick and members of MOAA were encouraging me to wait and finish my exams Yechidah and EOE were the one’s adding pressure for a public resignation! Did I mention all this happened on by birthday? Pretty sucky by itself but being bullied by my spiritual brothers and friends not so cool!

Point 9*: What the f*ck does a counsellor know about medication? Nothing thats what! And he’s certainly not my counsellor so has no basis for making such accusations. For those new to my blog(s) let me explain I have a form of epilepsy which is genetically inherited from my father’s side of the family. It has a unique trigger which is “cognitive abilities”, this means working things out like math’s (and by extension bookkeeping) and spacial awareness (web design work, chess/draughts and art even). I’ve been free from tonic-clonic seizures (formerly grand-mal) for over 6 years and had also been free of myoclonic jerks (partial seizures in my arms and legs) for two months and with doctor’s knowledge any awareness I was off medication. My own health professionals who are qualified to speak on my condition were kept fully apprised of the situation.

* As an FYI I contacted Accord who Gerard aka EOE claims to be trained with and they have no registration for any Gerard by that name or address on file.

Point 10: Alright I’ll admit I ought to have been in touch when my resignation letter (email) wasn’t forthcoming but I’d been doing the books (yeah muppets I did them in one week, it wiped me out but I did it!) and realised that it wasn’t so simple. Handing over wouldn’t have solved all the issues and frankly I realised my co-chiefs had plans to spend all the money we had to hand and leave us with no emergency funds or anything. It just all started to seem stupid! What they’re calling a Candidate’s meeting used to be called an Anticum while with MOAA and they hopped that meeting on me as I was leaving to grab a train home to Limerick, they’d assumed I was staying in Dublin with family which was/is a rarity as they knew well. And I was on Skype for most of Sunday when I’d texted and emailed them when I would be online and they never showed and eventually texted me back to rearrange but by then I was busy with family related items which was explained to them as well. FYI: Anticum/Candidate’s Meetings lasted as long as Initiates’/Temple Meetings and meant I could attend fewer of these but I wasn’t required to be present here. 

Point 11: EOE is NOT the praemonstrator and what he omits here is the amount of times I did listen thankfully and intently to him but he ultimately had a different system of studying than I and kept interjecting on this day and failed to be respectful of my needs. I can’t help but notice the tone of expectancy in this comment as he really seems to believe himself my superior… we were off the same grade having always been initiated in succession in MOAA, and as I said before he repeated what I repeated so if thats inferior standard then he too ought to have stepped down as Imperator of the Temple and focused more on his studies!

Let me surmise now by stating that I am no longer out of control in my anger. The anger I feel is for the inaction that tends to cripple modern magical traditions opening new seekers to further abusive situations.

I am aware that there will be “fall-out” from my decision to release this post. Some will simply find it titillating to scoff at another Order or Tradition’s supposedly inner squabbles being made public. Others again are likely to find it distasteful considering the “Oath of Secrecy” to prohibit such actions – obviously I disagree considering many traditions make use of vouch systems through “back channels”. There are those that will find this all very shocking and distasteful – remember always that discernment lies at the heart of the magical path.  

Finally I will state that I have endeavoured to be honest and accurate in all my accounts of events and my own perspectives on matters. In no way should this reflect on members of MOAA who were only kind and helpful endeavouring to remain fraternal with members of the new Ancient and Honourable Order of the Golden Dawn.

Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea in Hibernia

Hi folks,

Part of me was with-holding this post until the New Year, heck I was going to hold off on a lot of things at least until Imbolg. If you’ve followed me on my Oibre-mhór blog you’ll have watched me journey my way through initiation into the Outer Order of the the Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea. What I was more reserved about on my blog was the role I took in the founding of a Temple in Ireland with my co-chiefs. It wasn’t a conscious effort to withhold this information but simply a matter that never needed outright reflection on my blog at the time.

The Dublin Temple was formed in 2009 and we worked away for much of this time. Eventually a representative of the Order and the Temple presented a talk with a short demo at Féile Draíochta 2011. Earlier this Summer my Temple chiefs and I had a disagreement and went our separate ways. I blogged somewhat on this process and alluded to much as at the time it was very fresh and raw, and with no disparagement toward my former co-chiefs, I wasn’t ready to talk about it calmly. Fundamentally, what occurred as a disagreement in the direction and vision of the Order and later the Temple.

auroraaureasealToward the end of the Summer months, I’d lost a few friends in the process of all this mind, I decided (with the support of my Fratres and Sorores in the Order to take some time to regroup from the process. As a means to keep idle hands busy I began working on the Irish site for the Temple. Chatting with some of the members of the Order we decided to coordinate efforts as the Order website needed updating too. We also seemed to be on a very similar wavelength when came to social media. Being an Order in the 21st Century means social media are a reality.

Without further delay we started working spotting each other on ideas. The end result (well no such thing with web-design really) has been thus:

Irish website:

The name for the site was chosen for its simplicity as Aurora Aurea is latin for Golden Dawn and Hibernia is the latin for Ireland. All images used are the ownership of the Order unless otherwise stated, credit to Paola Farrell.

The site is quite a basic package and nothing overtly professional but its aims are to notify interested persons of the intention to (re-)launch MOAA’s presence in Ireland. We accomplished a lot with our previous incarnation and have yet room to grow and contribute to the Golden Dawn Tradition as well as the Western Mystery School tradition as a whole.

I figured I’d make the announcement now before the New Year as a means to wish all my dear readers a very happy 2013!

Pax et LVX,

Níall / Abhainn

Announcement: September 2012

Hi folks,

This blog has been rather quiet of late and for that I apologise. I’ve needed to focus on myself somewhat in terms of the GD practices. I’ve also been hard at work with blog posts for Fear-Draiochta where I can. With those blog posts going so well I wanted to make a few short announcements about the pacing of posts for Oibre-Mhór. Basically they’ll be slow… very slow! lol Here’s why:

Academic Study:

I will be Graduating tomorrow under the watchful gaze of the Blue (Belewe) Moon.

I’ve been accepted to a Masters by Research in English which allows me to research Yeats and the Golden Dawn. I’ll be joining the illustrious ranks of Kathleen Raine, George Mills-Harper, Margaret Mills-Harper (who will be my MA Supervisor to boot!) and many more by journeying through Yeats’ life and works to contextualise his esoteric practices in terms of his literary works.

During the summer I have been prepping for a new blog on this very subject. Hopefully it will be more academic and topic orientated than my blogspot accounts. I will link to this NEW blog at a later stage and make an announcement here so that GD magicians and scholars may follow the blog and updates and input freely if they so wish.

General Round-Up:

The Belewe Moon marks a momentous occasion in my life with the culmination of six years of hard work, but being the proverbial túathaid (witch/magician) I am I elect to see it as part of a greater whole. This year marked a lot learning curves in terms of my self-identity within the Golden Dawn system and beyond it.

  • Imbolc: In February I made the decision in the presence of my brothers and sisters to pursue an MA by research in Yeats and the Golden Dawn. The idea had been mulling over in my mind for the previous two years but lacking an avenue to manifest. Here it did so as I’m far from one who’d wish to place Yeats as some sort of God of the G:.D:. but have felt I could bring a unique perspective to Yeatsian studies.
  • Bealtaine: Was traumatic as I was caught in the energies of Bealtaine which frankly anyone who’s done the research will attest is a time of heated discussions in Irish traditions. Its really about proclamations of ownership and disputes. For me; friends fell out and forced me to choose between the two. As my personal truth I feel that one side of this despute manipulated the situation in a very distasteful manner, which did affected my occult studies as well as my mundane studies. It would take time to sort through the aftermath of these ‘games’.
  • Summer Solstice: Before the Solstice even hit (July 8, 2012) I was issued with a notice that I was no longer a member of the newly formed, Ancient and Honourable Order of the Golden Dawn (AHOGD) Dublin Temple, nevermind a co-Chief. AHOGD was formed (ahem) following the Dublin Temple’s split from MOAA. The decision of my former co-Cheifs followed many interpersonal problems between myself and them. I won’t lie I perceived some tensions building but I was determined to focus on college work, so when the notice came I could see the situation as being as irreconcilable so I accepted their decision hoping to retain the friendship (or what was left of it) when the unthinkable happened. They forwarded a scathing and false email to the membership defaming me and breaking a contract I’d established as a paying member (when you pay dues its a legal contract). Naturally I was and am very angry about this, however, I have decided that I will follow a period of cleansing for 6 months to detox my system from these events.

These are people I was friends with and felt comfortable establishing a Temple egregore with. I am endeavouring to release with Light and Compassion.

Following this baffling series of events, I had a very informative Ogham reading from a learned friend, who made tea and offered me a chance to experience her growing Labyrinth which consists of a two circles joined by a narrow pathway the first circles a reflective pool and the second a high place – perfection! The reading reminded me of strengths learned from before and a detachment from wisdom but that the situation was very much about the honour-price (and my honour was feeling bruised especially if my ego felt like it’d been pounded by a sledgehammer and ground to dust) as I’d accepted my former co-Chiefs’ judgement to expel me so why the assault?

  • Lughnasadh: This festival calls for a time of peace and to place disputes on hiatus for a time in the Irish cycle of the Year. So with this in mind I went to visit friends in a local Grove and played games and had fun. It was just what the doctor ordered. During this month I spoke to many a learn’d person on things troubling me and came to a moment of personal gnosis. This moment made me realise that I had choices and I was in a much more powerful position than I’d realised (my friend’s Ogham reading on a ‘third-of-armament’ being validated here once more). Unconsciously I’d been defining my magical practices by those whom I’d met not by myself and so I need to look to the system of the Golden Dawn without the personalities and personas which take charge. If I want to be the self-sufficient magician I had set for myself this is how it will have to go forward.
  • Autumnal Equinox – Winter Solstice: Period of introspection and focus on my academic research which is set to be very intense. I have denied myself the chance to pursue this for long enough and I refuse to let my own issues deprive me of this goal. The aim is to facilitate the cleansing period and to re-discover my personal motivations for being part of the Golden Dawn system. By Spring 2013 (Imbolc) I hope to have completed the six months cleansing and simultaneously will have grounded myself in my Path as well as settled in to my academic work.

Departure from the Dublin Temple:

With my departure from the Dublin Temple duly announced I would like to make the request that bloggers and readers alike take the time to consider that this isn’t as amicable as I would like (I’m confident the general membership feels the same way) and so I would ask you to bare in mind that this blog post accounts for ONLY my personal experiences of the situation and others undoubtedly have theirs.

For me this has been a series of harsh lessons, most of which I have to fully engage with. I would like to thank those who have offered their support and love throughout this period of time.

Sámae ocus soillse, Abhainn

Fraternity and Solidarity

I started a post some time ago on the issue of Fraternity and Solidarity within magical traditions and basically ran out of steam while posting. I also just hit a writer’s block. With the recent discussions on Sincerus Renatus’ blog under: The Golden Dawn and Self-Initiation as well as a response on Arcad’s blog: here. In part this blog is my own exploration of the growing role of Self-Initiation in the WMT as well as the counter point which is the continued growth of lodge or temple work as explored on Bro. BHDH’s blog. All of those have interesting posts regarding the role of Orders/Temples and Self-Initiation.
Having originated within the sphere of personal exploration of the modern Craft paradigms my view of self-initiation remains somewhat askew. I was never one to follow that I needed to self-initiation in order to held as “valid” in the eyes of other practitioners within modern Craft, besides logically speaking there is nothing affecting my aura in the same manner as initiation may have done. Within the G.D. system its largely felt that a SI ceremony would need to be repeated several times in order to adequately affect the sphere of sensation of the candidate.
In any eventuality my own philosophy on the issue initiation is that while in an ideal circumstance one would be able to make use of a fully qualified temple officers but that the onus is always going to be on the student of the occult to persevere through the material and to make sure they keep both the theoretical and the practical work on the go. Simply put initiation alone does not an adept make. I should know! I’ve been initiated all of just over a month myself and I’m still not a ZAM!
The argument of recognition is not one that is unique to the Golden Dawn system. Initiatory Wicca has also been facing a similar argument in terms of grade advancements and titles for a while now. Ultimately a sign that someone is worth listening to is in the work they have undertaken to develop their understanding of the system and in how the proceed to contribute to its continuity. On Pat Zalewski’s group a comment by Nick Farrell and a few others sparked something in my understanding. We’re social creatures by design (biological or divine, doesn’t matter for the purposes of this conversation) and as such the idea that because one is grand high lord muckidy-muck within a temple or order matters very little within the realm of society. Society survives and thrives from social development in ideas and perspectives and as such sometimes achieving one’s True Will may involve the littlest exertion of energy as simply being the honest you may work in more ways that can be immediately perceived.
The title of this post is Fraternity and Solidarity, and herein lies the “catch22”. Sometimes the temptation to view these concepts within the context of a insular group dynamic may prove deliciously tempting (I know I’m as gulty, just remember a moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips!) since within such groups language can develop a clandestine quality as well. With the presence of online forums and groups even the solitary magician isn’t immune from the social trends of the moment. Nor should they be, its more about employing the terminology with common sense.

Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea and it’s Correspondence Course

Nick Farrell has just announced the formation of the Magical Order of Aurora Aurea and the details as rendered by Nick online are as follows:
“After laying low on the subject for a few months, I just thought I would tell everyone about the Golden Dawn Order that has been formed after I left the HOGD.
The Website for the Order can be found here The Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea will be a world-wide Golden Dawn group whose main focus is taking a magical approach to the system. There are a few minor changes, but the frame work and initiations are traditional (Whare Ra) GD. The Order structure is slightly different and there is a ritual public face, called an Anticum. There is also a separate correspondence course for those who are not close to a full temple (although we are hoping that the course will draw people together to form Aurora Aurea temples).
The training material includes the traditional Golden Dawn material along with new teachings that work within the same system. The Order is much more hands on and practical than the pile of papers, traditional knowledge paper plus examination system of the Golden Dawn. It requires daily work and will have a full grade system at least until 7=4.
We are based in Europe with temples in Italy, Slovenia, Dublin and Wales.
The Correspondence course is a rewrite of the HCOMA course which was closed down by the former Director of Studies last year. If anyone was on that course and would like to continue then they are welcome to join at their previous level. It is a supervised course but offers no recognised grade other than the spiritual work that the student manages to achieve on their own.
It has been fun starting an Order from scratch, although my head hurts now that I have been writing the course material. I have nearly finished the 3=8 material! Currently members are flat out translating the material into different languages too.
Anyway have a look at the website and if you have any questions get in touch.
Nick Farrel”