Response to Nick Farrell: Judgement & the Adept

As you may have guessed I've been rather bogged down with work life and study pressures. While this has been stressful in its own right, I've also found that I haven't been able to be as focal on some of the issues facing the world, humanity or even my own little corner thereof. I'm not …


Who watches the Watchers?

I'm nicking a topic from Nick Farrell (get it?!) because to be honest I'm feeling the need to comment as someone who's enabled Watchers by agreeing to be interviewed by them and the way I figure it considering that my own posts about the interview tend to be so popular (there's a steady following for the Training Day …

LGBTQ Tolerance in the Golden Dawn

Kinda nice to read something on this from the more ceremonial angle in ritual. The literary student in me wonders about the use of female psychopomps for male characters as I believe Dion Fortune did in Sea Priestess? (Anyone any clues as I only read a few pages in before college work overwhelmed me again)

Sol Ascendans - The Website of Alex Sumner

Eddie Izzard Got Wand, will do Magick! 🙂

Say what you like about MacGregor Mathers, but on one point he was resolute: he would not brook gossip about Fratres’ and Sorores’ lives – this being a matter purely between themselves and their God.

Mathers may well have had an ulterior motive: i.e. the members who had “questionable” private lives were also the ones who were supporting him during the various schisms. However, Mathers’ firm stand has led to a progressive consequence: the Golden Dawn was the first magical order to adopt a modern approach to tolerance.

However, the Western Mystery Tradition was almost derailed by the efforts of Dion Fortune. Her insistence that magick was based on strict male/female or god/goddess polarity has led in some quarters to a rather dogmatic insistence on heterosexuality which borders on the homophobic. I have read some neo-pagans saying that gays were allowed to join covens…

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MOAA and the Solstice

Hi folks, So let me first start off by saying that I hope you've all had a lovely and enjoyable Winter Solstice (Grianstad an Geimhreadh). I've had a hectic few days as the Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea (MOAA) announced it's decision to remove itself from the egregore of the Golden Dawn. This caused …

Signs one is a Magician

Normally I straddle the lines between being a magician* and a witch* and today will be no different because a discussion online emanating from Nick Farrell's blog entry, "Signs that you might not be a real magician" has given me something to wonder. Like many people I had some knee-jerk responses to Nick's blog-post and …

Golden Dawner expelled for following doctor’s advice

Watcher of the Dawn is a “news-style” blog aimed at highlighting various injustices and problems within the modern Western Mystery Tradition as a whole. Following on from my previous blog post on here ‘the Watcher’ got in touch with me to seek clarification on some of my claims posted before as they found it shocking that anyone would have done such a thing and felt others ought to know too. Like I said yesterday this was my reason for posting the original rebuttal so I agreed to answer some questions. Check out the main article on their blog for more information.

Watcher of the Dawn

A Golden Dawn member was expelled because his fellow chiefs believed he should not have been following them and not his doctor’s advice.

In a blog post , which was cross-posted on Facebook, Níall MacSiúrtáin has recounted his expulsion from the Ancient and Honourable Order of the Golden Dawn.

MacSiúrtáin has epilepsy and he had taken medication which gave him weight gain, concentration problems, and extreme reaction to Sun.  The Irish sun would leave him with bad sunburn.

Since he had not had a major seizure since 2007 MacSiúrtáin’s doctor decided to take him off his meds. That did not sit well with his chiefs, Dean Wilson and Gerald Dempsey, who mentioned it as a reason for his expulsion to members.

A letter written by Dempsey, which was leaked to MacSiúrtáin by people within the Ancient and Honourable Order of the Golden Dawn, effectively claimed that MacSiúrtáin had a psychological…

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