Hermetic Tablet: Journal of Western Ritual Magic (Vol. 2: Winter Solstice 2015)

Hermetic Tablet: Journal of Western Ritual Magic has just completed it’s second print cycle. The journal is a bi-annual publication available in hardback and paperback. Many have posed the question whether the modern occult world needs yet another publication - to them I would counter that Hermetic Tablet isn’t like other publications with consistently good …


The Hidden Path Behind Initiation: The Crata Repoa Decoded by Nick Farrell

The Hidden Path Behind Initiation: The Crata Repoa Decoded (2014) by Nick Farrell is the latest offering in a limited edition print run from Lulu.com. Over recent months Farrell has been busy producing a variety of texts on magical techniques and disciplines including; a review of the Vault of the Adepti over the years in …

Review: Magical Imagination

Magical Imagination: The Keys to Magic By Nick Farrell Review by Níall MacSiúrtáin Magical Imagination offers greater insights into the techniques of imagination in magic which Farrell previously examined in his book, Magical Pathworking: Techniques of Active Imagination. In Magical Imagination, Farrell draws on his own experiences as a magician and teacher within the Golden …

What Exactly do You Mean by “Golden Dawn Community”?

From the blog of Aaron Leitch on the processes behind the “Golden Dawn Community” as authors to the new Commentaries books brought forward by Kerubim Press.

As for my own 2cents worth, well those that were – either through process of elimination or through simply not being in reach – excluded, they seem to miss a vital element to both writing books and to being part of a community. A Community doesn’t operate simply with having the same everywhere and if all GDers were writers and scholars the community aspect would be in serious doubt. As it stands the GD Community seems to be heavily populated with writers and scholars and academics (ironic given my chosen career trajectory right now!) but I’m certain that this work will inspire more creative projects for members and practitioners of the Golden Dawn to come and some of those may be in direct response to the Commentaries book.

During Dublin Pride over the last weekend I was astonished to see kids jumping in to the march and singing and dancing and generally showing very little regard to the so-called order of proceedings and whats more this wasn’t just some passive following of young people in the parade they were all wearing TENI – Trans* Equality Network of Ireland t-shirts. It was then my line of view began to notice how the audience started to react to the spectacle as more and more people began to wave back and cheer and generally break down the constraints of self-comportment for a short wee while at least. The Golden Dawn Community as well as the Occult/Esoteric Community as a whole could learn a thing or two from this in seeking not to stifle creative developments in art for the community but to allow inspiration to begat inspiration.

Ananael (The Secrets of Wisdom)

Greetings Golden Dawners!

Apparently, a little bit of controversy has been stirred up by the new Commentaries on the Golden Dawn Flying Rolls – specifically over the “author” of the book:  the “Golden Dawn Community.”

Our choice to use this particular phrase has given rise to some questions, such as what exactly makes up such a community.  That is, how are we defining this “community” as opposed to any other community, and what makes one either a member of it or an outsider to it?  Nick Farrell recently addressed this issue rather well on his blog.  So, if you’ve been asking yourself these same questions, I recommend you head over there and see what he has to say on the issue.  🙂

Meanwhile, a somewhat different question has come to my attention via a private email.  It would appear that a few people out there feel the Commentaries book is…

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Lora O’Brien’s “A Practical Guide to Irish Spirituality – Slí Aon Dhraoi”

A full review will be forth coming as I have some work to continue to prep this blog and organise some other web commitments before returning to Limerick on Tuesday. The book is “A Practical guide to Irish Spirituality Slí Aon Dhraoí” by Lora O’Brien, it is published by Wolfpack and is available HERE. The premise of …