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Since Peregrin has been updating to his new look I thought I’d do the same.

I’ve switched themes to this new one, I’m not sold on it yet as it’s jumbled around a lot of the social media stuff I’d worked into the older theme.

Layout wise I have updated the pages and moved the blog back to the main page. This might help people navigating.

I’ve more to do but I won’t get to it this weekend and I’m busy during the weeks. But feedback so far is appreciated and ideas for more always welcome!


The Hermetic Tablet

The HERMETIC TABLET journal/magazine
The HERMETIC TABLET journal/magazine


The articles are all in for the first issue of the Hermetic Tablet which will be going on sale in a couple of weeks.

Jake Stratton-Kent has been a goetic magician since 1972. His practical work integrates the magical papyri, italo-french grimoires in particular the Grimorium Verum and African traditional religions with a focus on Quimbanda and magia negra. His interest in magic spans the ancient, medieval, renaissance, and modern as well as stretching from the West to the Middle East and crucially, the New World. His scholarly approach is backed with a personal relationship with the spirits.

Mike Magee has written on occultism since the 1960s starting with a magazine called Azoth and then SOTHiS. A student of Kenneth Grant, Magee trained with English tantrik guru (and student of Aleister Crowley) Shri Gurudev Mahendranath. Magee was made a guru and given a charter to form a group which became the influential Arcane Magical Order of the Knights of Shambhala” (AMOOKOS) which was dedicated to bringing Tantra to the West. He has translated numerous Indi-an tantrik works and made them available to western students.

Sandra Tabatha Cicero is a Rosicrucian and a Martinist. She was initiated into the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in 1983 and is one of the Chiefs. She is also the Chief of the Societas Rosicruciana in America. She is the author and illustrator of numerous esoteric books, some co-written with her husband Chic Cicero, including two Tarot decks.

Aaron Leitch is a senior member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, a co-founder of the Sanctuary of Ma’at and a member of the Societas Magica. A scholar and spiritual seeker for over twenty years, his explorations led him to write several books and essays covering many fascinating areas of human spirituality, including the historical evolution of magic and its modern practice. The author of three seminal books on traditional evocation.

Christine Zalewski was trained by former members of the Golden Dawn Whare Ra temple, the last surviving group with direct lineage to the original Order. After forming her own influential Golden Dawn Order, she went on to write books on Golden Dawn Enochian Chess and Plant Alchemy. She is a trained homeopath and healer and her new edition of Enochian Chess will be published next year.

Nick Farrell is one of the Chiefs of the Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea which emphases magical development and inner traditions within the Golden Dawn system. He has worked with those who were members of the last Golden Dawn Order to close its doors, Whare Ra. Has been a member of Servants of the Light, a founder member of Pharos, and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in the United Kingdom. A writer and journalist, he has written a large number of books on magic, the Golden Dawn and its history.

Paola Farrell is one of the Chiefs of the Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea. She has been a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and is a freelance illustrator having produced magical drawings for several Golden Dawn related books. Her artwork is also seen in the Hermetic Virtues magazine.

Jayne Gibson has been a student of the Western Mystery Tradition for over 20 years and is an Adept of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. She has been a member of this organisation for over 17 years and has been contributing to many different esoteric magazines on the subject of the art of ritual.

Samuel Scarborough is a Senior Adept of the Ordo Stella Matutina. He has practiced the Golden Dawn system of magic for nearly 20 years. His interests include ceremonial magic, Golden Dawn, alchemy, astrology, tarot, geomancy, and the Hermetic Arts in general. He is a regular contributor to the Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition with articles and book reviews.

Harry Wendrich is an adept of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and a magical artist. With his wife Nicola they founded the Wendrich artHouse which publishes and releases their magical work. They are currently He has also released the Golden Dawn Temple Tarot deck.

Alex Sumner is a novelist and writer on the occult. He first began by writing non-fiction articles for the Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition. Alex is a practising ceremonial magician, and is a member of several reasonably secret magical, mystical and fraternal organisations.

Carman Lawrick (Frater IVC) is a Senior Computer Systems Analyst and teacher in Toronto, Canada, with over 40 years of experience in Hermetics, Traditional Wicca and Vajrayana Buddhism. As Mer-Amun he is known for his contribution to the 1982 publication of Wicca The Ancient Way. As a writer and teacher of both software and Western Mysteries, his passion is to break down technical terms into every-day life experiences.

Bro. Yeheshua Netzach is an adept of a Hermetic Temple in Los Angeles. He studied in Philosophical Research Society. He is a student of Rosicrucianism. He is a native of Mexico and was raised in Los Angeles.

Steve Nichols Posthuman polytheist with his own theory of mind. Launched Enochian Chess in 1982 with help from Prince Charles and Regardie. Started Prytania Occult magazine and wrote for Prediction, and other mgs, did psychic fairs circuit, OTO talks and ran MENSA Occult SIG. MSc neural computation and started in 1988. Expert on the Ancient Egyptian game of Zenet and Ithell Colquhoun’s psychomorphological magick. Emblematist, Cryptographer, initiate of Tibetan tantra, publisher of Taro 4 Worlds. Currently working on film about WBY Keltic Enochian chess.

Alfonso Ricca is a member of the Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea. He is also a senior member of the Abode of the Lion, an Astral Warrior House. He is a Ph.D. and an expert in ancient oriental languages and he used this knowledge to study and translate texts of great esoteric interest. A scholar of traditional Chinese medicine, currently he is trying to study the occult anatomy of the human being by comparing kabbalistic and Taoist texts.


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Some Announcements

Hi all,

I’ve been focusing my time and attention on the all important Masters thesis as much as I can with life deciding it wants to intercede and get in the way. Oh well, as most postgrads might justify this with we have incredible amount of sun and heat here in Ireland so there is always next week when heatwave hath endeth.

Some announcements are:

  1. Nick Farrell, author and head of the Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea has announced that his latest work, Magical Imagination: The Keys to Magic has been released on Amazon UK and Amazon US now. I’ll be offering up a review ASAP.
  2. As an extension to the plethora of material of offer for your reading delectation is; Commentaries on the Golden Dawn Flying Rolls by the Golden Dawn Community – with contributions from Chic and Sandra Tabatha Cicero, Nick Farrell, Peregrin Wildoak, Morgan Drake Eckstein, Dean F. Wilson and so many more.
  3. Nick also announced that he had stepped aside from Kerubim Press offering its owner, Dean Wilson every bit of success with the publishing house. See: here.
  4. Also, I’ve some interesting ideas planned for refounding UL Pagan Society, University of Limerick around more humanist and open platform if people are interested in getting together at some point.

E: Emotional Ending

Occult Ireland banner


I’m missing so much lately due to work pressures but these same pressures lead to a long discussed and argued (mostly with myself) issue of what to do with Pagans in Eire and Occult Ireland. I founded Pagans in Eire in 2009 and was a long-time Moderator over at Occult Ireland before that when I took over it late 2011. While Pagans in Eire has had a modest membership, Occult Ireland was a landmark for Irish occultism with memberships from all around the world at various points. I initially found my way to meeting other Pagans and exploring ritual or ceremonial magic through meeting occultists at the once monthly Meet-ups held in the Longstone Bar & Restaurant, 10-11 Townsend Street, Dublin 2. (Close to Trinity College Dublin).


I can’t help but feel as though this was a protracted ending which I could have faced when Occult Ireland was first passed on to me. I’d really hoped that I could bring myself up to the mark, I invested time in building up both forums social media including Facebook pages, as well as Twitter and YouTube for Pagans in Eire.

If I’d had the time and resources to archive the two forums I would have but alas thats simply not the case. I can’t afford to maintain such sites with other commitments and life trajectories coming my way. Its really a shame in more than just the project of working on a forum but also because of the people you interact with online. Pagans in Eire was essentially a forum only thing but Occult Ireland in times past used to meet-up on a monthly basis. While I enjoyed the Monthly Meet-Ups for OI I have had to put them on hiatus for college work. I would love to bring them back in the future if there was a demand for it but for now with my schedule the way it is and the community itself being very different I think maintaining the social media pages is sufficient.

I will be saddened to think that some of the people I won’t get to interact with again but I tend to look at it in the cycle of things with so much change in the past year perhaps its making way for something new to come along. There are of course more bloggers on various topics to keep people in the know about events and workshops.

C: Charity & Community

I sort of missed my deadline for this week’s post on the Pagan Blog Project 2013 (PBP), I have some good reasons and some bad ones – as always. What happened was I had a hectic week as everyone in uni was back and in classes so they HAD to meet up, also I had a biteen of a date (and thats as much info on that as yer gettin’ from me!), and of course my own college work had to be squeezed in there somewhere. When I did chance “scribbling” a few words down none of it made any sense and frankly I was boring myself. So I left it all and went about my week glistening over when I heard about people getting all frisky for Imbolg, I mean what on earth was I going to do after the Full Moon last week I was still jittery all week and not to mention constantly shifting through zonked periods (still am hence rambling parts of this post).

Charity, Community & Magic

epic-fail-photos-disability-slogan-failAnyway a good friend who has been helping me with meditation and other valuable skills called and asked me to return some books today, which was timely too because he’d found a new space to use. I should qualify this statement in the context of this blog post; my friend is using this new space to support a local support group aiding people experiencing various crises. Right now this is a major issue as funding for all sorts of supports which would, in time past, have been funded or partially funded by the Health Services Executive (HSE) are being scaled back.

Some time back my friend and I were discussing the pursuit of magic which can lead the practitioner further and further away from their community or from their society. I’d been party of group rituals which sought to harmonise and heal and yet seemed to only reveal divisions. Had the magic gone wrong? No, I don’t believe it had. I’m a community minded person having been born gay and developing epilepsy in my mid-teens; before magic became a part of my life (at least not in such a recognizable way as ritual work), I was living in the liminal spaces. In these spaces I can experience and see a lot of what others miss around them. The differences of people often scare us so when it blasts its way into our lives we have to wonder what the feck!?! How can I possibly make this situation the same as mine, its why a lot of people think they’ve empathized enough with someone’s plight. My greatest sport in life is disclosing that I have epilepsy to people as freely as I do my orientation – the swiftness with which people will edit out or distance themselves from my epilepsy and make light of my orientation is remarkable. I get it! With orientation, you can like the funny side of that or the more palatable parts and won’t see the “messy” parts and with my condition well thankfully its nicely hidden away from sight and nicely tucked away in the brain.


Being Imbolg its understood to be a time of growing for new projects and plans. With so much on offer in terms of what may be borne from a tuathaid’s workings – so what have you done to build for the future of your community? Understandably this is mostly a rhetorical question, though if someone wished to express something of practical and pragmatic work – we’re looking for HEADOLOGY here folks! Sure you can perform on the necessary invocations and rituals (and sometimes I do!) but what else? Do you listen to people in pain, have you experienced it yourself? Nick Farrell once commented that he thought that there was an over emphasis on psychiatry and psychotherapy in modern magical systems – a lot of magical practitioners and people who like Granny Weatherwax tend not to use much [obvious] magic have made similar comments to me. I feel kinda good that often my magical rituals are subverted by the ‘intent’ taking seed much quicker than anticipated and finding community and charity groups being set up. I may not be as lazy as I first thought because if magic does bring us face to face with ourselves as I’ve stated to people before, then being more functional in our environment makes sense surely?!

My friend had been working on this idea for some time and I’d wondered what had been happening alright but as my own focuses took me elsewhere when the purpose for his space popped into my head earlier this week (my brain should come with <SPOILERS> sometimes). Then I got the call and found him quite busy. We spent some time moving bits and pieces around and preparing it for others to really get stuck in. As my friend made a wonderful prayer to the space I got the impression of an elderly monk or abbot coming down the hallway from the old prayer room for the monks. It seemed that the place had welcomed the space to be used. Personally, I think there will be more inspired from this space than even my friend imagines for it but time will tell.

I know people would have liked me to tell a story of Brighid – goddess of poetry, smithcraft and artisans et al. but to be honest thats not my Imbolg, my Imbolg was someone starting something new from something old. It was a story of alchemy and change following putrefaction. Of course these things are never so simple as to be the “Happy Ever After” story but in terms of a start.

I’m going to be incredibly busy myself for the next while but in saying that I do look forward to hearing how the space my friend has helped to create grows from here and possibly helps others move beyond the pain. I should quantify my views here because I’m being vague to be kind but this space is rented for one group but I sense that others will come on board as they open to the value of the old building and its inherent spirit.

Yule 2012 – Órfhlaith Robin

Yule 2012 - Órfhlaith Robin

Yuletide gifts from Órfhlaith Robin 🙂

Oh yeah! I’m so happy with my prezzies! I really didn’t expect this because if you only know her by interactions online then let me tell you Orfhlaith is so nice. We attend the same college together, while I know that there ARE other Pagans around the campus who could come forth when I’m ready to make UL Pagan Soc a thing its so nice to have touched base with someone genuinely nice and not a weirdo! (I checked she takes marshmallows in her hot chocolate! We’re all good!)

So its the Winter Solstice and today was an epic day of awesomeness with friends and meals and drinks. A truly pagan way to ring in the Winter Solstice. Its been such a hectic year for me and my friends – some of which has been recorded here, most not! A symbol of Light is just the ticket. Accordingly I will consider what ritual options are open to me. The candles above are anointed and crafted with runic symbols and Irish words to bring in power to help study and the coming year will require lots of that! So from the bottom of my heart I want to thank Orfhlaith for her kind thoughts and consideration!

Welcome to ‘Abhainn’

Hi everyone,

Due to many swift and dynamic changes in my life recently I’ve made the executive decision to begin migrating all my posts from Fear-Draíochta and Oibre-Mhór to here. For those not in the know Fear-Draíochta is my pagan blog which also covers a little of the LGBT perspective, while Oibre-Mhór is my attempt at blogging on my journey within the Golden Dawn Tradition. Through both blogs I learned of how I wish to describe myself as I soon moved from “Queer Paganism” on Fear-Draíochta to Irish Traditions and realising that whether I say Witch or Magician in English there is a gorgeous Old-Irish word I think works beautifully: Túathaid, which means both witch and magician.

The reason for the move is I’m using WordPress a lot more and this saves me extra time in terms of places to login, and frankly my options with WordPress are some what more me-friendly with social media and websites. For those newly following this blog as well as my two blogs with blogspot I am admin to Pagans In Eire (PIE) – Ireland’s Pagan Forum and to Occult Ireland (OI) – open for all topics on magic and the occult. I have social media for both forums, PIE is currently linked here in the sidebar if anyone would like to follow either forum.

Fear-Draiochta and Oibre-Mhór have been wonderful playgrounds for me as I started on this whole blogging journey some years ago. Blogger does have a lot going for it in terms of friends blogs being on there and a very hand share function I’ve recently discovered. WordPress’s format is just a little easier as I said.

While reviewing the changes perhaps a short introduction, while I fill out the About Me section. My name’s Níall MacSiúrtáin and I can be found mostly as either Abhainn or MrAbhainn online. There is no magical significance attributed to my chosen handle but there is a deep personal one owing to a nickname I was given by a group of friends. Oddly, it had served as a strong motif for my magical and mundane life as I learn the flows of the Rivers of life. Abhainn, means Rivers in a modern rendition of Old-Irish. So don’t be shocked if you find singular “river” for ‘abhainn’ in any Irish dictionary, thats not where it hails from.

I’m a research assistant in college studying English Literature and I have background in New Media Studies which I like to keep a foot in as may be evident through this blog.