Welcome to Abhainn – the blog, devoted to reflections on my life as a witch and magician.

I first learned of the practice of modern witchcraft through the writings of Doreen Valiente, Janet and Stewart Farrar, the Sanders, Scott Cunningham and Christopher Penzack amongst others.

As the years have progressed I worked on a number of forums with other witches, pagans and occultists meeting with many in face-to-face and developing within myself as I did so.

I am a Witch and Priest in the Gardnerian Tradition, which is an oathbound, lineaged strand of British Traditional Wicca / Traditional Initiatory Wicca.

I am also Warden (host) to the Irish Anticum or ‘outer court’ of the Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea (MOAA). MOAA is a modern expression of the Golden Dawn system of magic. MOAA is a magical order and as such believes in the importance of working enthusiastically and sincerely on the magical rituals and developing as the initiate progresses on their path within the Order.

I hope you will feel free to leave comments as you read the blog.

Niall (aka Mr. Abhainn)