7 Witchy Questions Tag

This is going around on YouTube. I found it on Vele’s Adventures In Witchery. I want to answer some of the other posted questions but they number in the greater so I figured I’ve take a stab at this first.

Play along, if you like. It’s fun.

1. What is your biggest witchy disaster?

Yikes! Well there is the usual spilt wax on the wooden floors which if my mother finds out about might be the end of me but I think the disaster is misused magic, both because I didn’t really know what was happening and its had be second guessing whether I should act in a lot of situations ever since.

2. What do you wish someone had told you as a new Witch?

Can I co-opt Vele’s answer?:

Oh god, here comes the hate mail! Again.
Pagans lie. Pagans make shit up. Pagans will quote the “Threefold law” or “The Rede” at people but often do pretty fucked up things to people in their lives. Paganism provides a pretty safe haven for people who need psychiatric treatment.

It sounds so harsh but it’s sort of true! When I started out I was assuming that the issues people aired were all online but then I went to moots and such and despite the best of house-keeping weirdoes do make their way in to so-called “safe-spaces”.

3. Biggest witchy pet peeves?

Lineage wars and the obsession with antiquity. There’s a difference in standing on the backs of giants and thinking you are the giant!

4. When did you first know there was something different about your spirituality?

Realisation that my spirituality was different didn’t actually occur until my family situation changed. My family hit on hard times and so I was looking for something that didn’t negate my connection to something greater than myself.

I guess I was looking for my own story. The Goddess and God of Wicca (as distinct from the Wica) offered me a mechanism to explore and listen to different stories as powerful tools.

5. Best witchy book you’ve ever read?

Terry Pratchett’s “Wee Free Men”, the idea of Granny Weatherwax and Tiffany Aching.

6. Best witchy movie or tv show?

“The Craft” as best film and as for TV show I think Willow and Tara in “Buffy” work but also something engaging about Salem. I’m too much a literature student to think that fiction owe us historicism. Truth appears in many ways.

7. Have you ever doubted your Craft and what did you do about it?

Vele’s wins the internet again for this response:

Always. Not so much the praxis itself, but the woo and mysticism and ZOMG THE POWAH OF THE GAWDESS and invisible things talking to you shit gets more than a healthy dose of skepticism.


6 Replies to “7 Witchy Questions Tag”

    1. I’m too busy to be diplomatic. 😉 As I said no hassle with standing on the backs of giants, time to fully ditch the Murray-esque hang-ups about who was around first and how authentic they are.

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