My Training

Hi all,

As you may have noticed that my posts concerning my training haven’t been very forth-coming. I have actually been fairly consistent with training physically and meditatively of late and over the past few months but I’ve had no time between these to work on posts.

I’m now adding in my own fitness on a daily basis. This consists of squats, push-ups and crunches in repetitions of 20, then I have lats and light stretching to cool down. The idea behind the physical fitness as I’ve said before is that physical fitness can help improve mental fitness and strength as well. With ritual dagger or athame I’m practicing my sword training. Effects: I’m generally feeling very alert and aware after exercise and usually find that its a great addition to my life in general as my sleep pattern tends to be a bit healthier. Stress last year had been keeping me up late at night and my focus was all over the shop. With sword/athame training I’m finding that my spacial awareness is in need of work big time but looking at different locations in the house I’m getting house cleaning done more often! lol My strength is physically improving here.

I’m trying to be consistent with meditative training as well as my teacher’s asked me to work on breathing exercises. Breathing exercises usually consist of patterns of breathing in; 4-2-4-2, 4-7-8, and 4-4-4-4 (Fourfold Breathing). For this part we still have some mantras based on compassion and kindness with mutual benefit and mutual success. Effects: Personally I was finding the reset in the morning was making me too lax and carefree even when we took out some of the Ki Gong stuff so I decided to move deep-breathing to later in evening. I’ve to admit that often I forego the Compassionate Exercises and cut the deep-breathing short.

It doesn’t cure everything and I do have a lot more to focus on in college and stuff now too so I’m not trying to sell this as the perfect lifestyle but its benefits are very noticeable and I’m happy to keep exploring this form of training but if anyone is working on something similar I’d love to hear from you too?


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