I’ve put a spell on you

Forget women in black hats cackling around a cauldron – today’s followers of paganism are more likely to offer you spiritual healing, says Andrea Smith


Niall MacSiurtain (27), known as Abhainn, is originally from Sligo; his family moved to Leitrim when he was a teenager. He has just completed the first year of a master’s degree in English literature at the University of Limerick…

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The interview was conducted via email and explores my path into modern craft practices and eventually the Golden Dawn system of magic and how I see it playing out in my life and the lives of those around me. I had a lot of fun putting my ideas into words and it was strange being on the receiving end of the interview process for once. Hope everyone else enjoyed the interview with myself the the other three ladies… I’ve only briefly met Janet Farrar before with a lot of friends in common but its always lovely to see other Craft practitioners sharing their stories.

And thus begins my career as a poster child of paganism! I jest of course. Paganism, witchcraft and magic as a whole is far too diverse to accurately reflect it all but Ms. Smith was a wonderful interviewer. And I’d also like to thank the staff photographer who drove all the way from Sligo to take the wonderful picture! I really want to use it for my profile pics online now! lol

Check out the info section for details on the U.L. Pagan Society and how to get in touch. We’d very much like to meet you and share in some great events as well as create new ones!


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