Golden Dawner expelled for following doctor’s advice

Watcher of the Dawn is a “news-style” blog aimed at highlighting various injustices and problems within the modern Western Mystery Tradition as a whole. Following on from my previous blog post on here ‘the Watcher’ got in touch with me to seek clarification on some of my claims posted before as they found it shocking that anyone would have done such a thing and felt others ought to know too. Like I said yesterday this was my reason for posting the original rebuttal so I agreed to answer some questions. Check out the main article on their blog for more information.

Watcher of the Dawn

A Golden Dawn member was expelled because his fellow chiefs believed he should not have been following them and not his doctor’s advice.

In a blog post , which was cross-posted on Facebook, Níall MacSiúrtáin has recounted his expulsion from the Ancient and Honourable Order of the Golden Dawn.

MacSiúrtáin has epilepsy and he had taken medication which gave him weight gain, concentration problems, and extreme reaction to Sun.  The Irish sun would leave him with bad sunburn.

Since he had not had a major seizure since 2007 MacSiúrtáin’s doctor decided to take him off his meds. That did not sit well with his chiefs, Dean Wilson and Gerald Dempsey, who mentioned it as a reason for his expulsion to members.

A letter written by Dempsey, which was leaked to MacSiúrtáin by people within the Ancient and Honourable Order of the Golden Dawn, effectively claimed that MacSiúrtáin had a psychological…

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