E: Emotional Ending

Occult Ireland banner


I’m missing so much lately due to work pressures but these same pressures lead to a long discussed and argued (mostly with myself) issue of what to do with Pagans in Eire and Occult Ireland. I founded Pagans in Eire in 2009 and was a long-time Moderator over at Occult Ireland before that when I took over it late 2011. While Pagans in Eire has had a modest membership, Occult Ireland was a landmark for Irish occultism with memberships from all around the world at various points. I initially found my way to meeting other Pagans and exploring ritual or ceremonial magic through meeting occultists at the once monthly Meet-ups held in the Longstone Bar & Restaurant, 10-11 Townsend Street, Dublin 2. (Close to Trinity College Dublin).


I can’t help but feel as though this was a protracted ending which I could have faced when Occult Ireland was first passed on to me. I’d really hoped that I could bring myself up to the mark, I invested time in building up both forums social media including Facebook pages, as well as Twitter and YouTube for Pagans in Eire.

If I’d had the time and resources to archive the two forums I would have but alas thats simply not the case. I can’t afford to maintain such sites with other commitments and life trajectories coming my way. Its really a shame in more than just the project of working on a forum but also because of the people you interact with online. Pagans in Eire was essentially a forum only thing but Occult Ireland in times past used to meet-up on a monthly basis. While I enjoyed the Monthly Meet-Ups for OI I have had to put them on hiatus for college work. I would love to bring them back in the future if there was a demand for it but for now with my schedule the way it is and the community itself being very different I think maintaining the social media pages is sufficient.

I will be saddened to think that some of the people I won’t get to interact with again but I tend to look at it in the cycle of things with so much change in the past year perhaps its making way for something new to come along. There are of course more bloggers on various topics to keep people in the know about events and workshops.


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