C: Charity & Community

I sort of missed my deadline for this week’s post on the Pagan Blog Project 2013 (PBP), I have some good reasons and some bad ones – as always. What happened was I had a hectic week as everyone in uni was back and in classes so they HAD to meet up, also I had a biteen of a date (and thats as much info on that as yer gettin’ from me!), and of course my own college work had to be squeezed in there somewhere. When I did chance “scribbling” a few words down none of it made any sense and frankly I was boring myself. So I left it all and went about my week glistening over when I heard about people getting all frisky for Imbolg, I mean what on earth was I going to do after the Full Moon last week I was still jittery all week and not to mention constantly shifting through zonked periods (still am hence rambling parts of this post).

Charity, Community & Magic

epic-fail-photos-disability-slogan-failAnyway a good friend who has been helping me with meditation and other valuable skills called and asked me to return some books today, which was timely too because he’d found a new space to use. I should qualify this statement in the context of this blog post; my friend is using this new space to support a local support group aiding people experiencing various crises. Right now this is a major issue as funding for all sorts of supports which would, in time past, have been funded or partially funded by the Health Services Executive (HSE) are being scaled back.

Some time back my friend and I were discussing the pursuit of magic which can lead the practitioner further and further away from their community or from their society. I’d been party of group rituals which sought to harmonise and heal and yet seemed to only reveal divisions. Had the magic gone wrong? No, I don’t believe it had. I’m a community minded person having been born gay and developing epilepsy in my mid-teens; before magic became a part of my life (at least not in such a recognizable way as ritual work), I was living in the liminal spaces. In these spaces I can experience and see a lot of what others miss around them. The differences of people often scare us so when it blasts its way into our lives we have to wonder what the feck!?! How can I possibly make this situation the same as mine, its why a lot of people think they’ve empathized enough with someone’s plight. My greatest sport in life is disclosing that I have epilepsy to people as freely as I do my orientation – the swiftness with which people will edit out or distance themselves from my epilepsy and make light of my orientation is remarkable. I get it! With orientation, you can like the funny side of that or the more palatable parts and won’t see the “messy” parts and with my condition well thankfully its nicely hidden away from sight and nicely tucked away in the brain.


Being Imbolg its understood to be a time of growing for new projects and plans. With so much on offer in terms of what may be borne from a tuathaid’s workings – so what have you done to build for the future of your community? Understandably this is mostly a rhetorical question, though if someone wished to express something of practical and pragmatic work – we’re looking for HEADOLOGY here folks! Sure you can perform on the necessary invocations and rituals (and sometimes I do!) but what else? Do you listen to people in pain, have you experienced it yourself? Nick Farrell once commented that he thought that there was an over emphasis on psychiatry and psychotherapy in modern magical systems – a lot of magical practitioners and people who like Granny Weatherwax tend not to use much [obvious] magic have made similar comments to me. I feel kinda good that often my magical rituals are subverted by the ‘intent’ taking seed much quicker than anticipated and finding community and charity groups being set up. I may not be as lazy as I first thought because if magic does bring us face to face with ourselves as I’ve stated to people before, then being more functional in our environment makes sense surely?!

My friend had been working on this idea for some time and I’d wondered what had been happening alright but as my own focuses took me elsewhere when the purpose for his space popped into my head earlier this week (my brain should come with <SPOILERS> sometimes). Then I got the call and found him quite busy. We spent some time moving bits and pieces around and preparing it for others to really get stuck in. As my friend made a wonderful prayer to the space I got the impression of an elderly monk or abbot coming down the hallway from the old prayer room for the monks. It seemed that the place had welcomed the space to be used. Personally, I think there will be more inspired from this space than even my friend imagines for it but time will tell.

I know people would have liked me to tell a story of Brighid – goddess of poetry, smithcraft and artisans et al. but to be honest thats not my Imbolg, my Imbolg was someone starting something new from something old. It was a story of alchemy and change following putrefaction. Of course these things are never so simple as to be the “Happy Ever After” story but in terms of a start.

I’m going to be incredibly busy myself for the next while but in saying that I do look forward to hearing how the space my friend has helped to create grows from here and possibly helps others move beyond the pain. I should quantify my views here because I’m being vague to be kind but this space is rented for one group but I sense that others will come on board as they open to the value of the old building and its inherent spirit.


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  1. I really enjoyed this one Abhainn. Its more in the spirit of Imbolc than most brigidy type posts in my opinion. And fair play to your mate. I keep thinking about organising something myself but never seem to get around to it. Its a savage thing to do for people 🙂

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