Techno-pagan: Social Media

I’m so happy to have a fellow Irish blogger who’s also a HUGE social media fanatic!

ÓrfhlaithRobinlogoÓrfhlaith Robin has certainly blossomed onto the cyberhenge hasn’t she? For those new to my blog here or indeed to any of my blogs, Órfhlaith is the owner of Musings of a Young Irish Witch and has launched an amazing series of blog posts which has been interviewing a number of bloggers and vloggers around the cyber-land that tends to reflect her influences from the various forums in which she’s active. This plays fantastically into what my Final Year Project was all about in my final year of undergrad. My FYP was all about how much modern Paganism has been influenced by and has influenced new media technology in turn. New media studies concerns itself with the impact of the internet and in more recent times social media on how groups of people share information.

Órfhlaith is available on Facebook, Twitter and of course through her blog. In the run up to the Winter break she launched a new series of blog posts entitled, “Prominent Pagan Project“, which was very well received. She has recently released the latest interview with ‘Pentacles of Pride’ founder and CEO Sheldon (linked above), with more interviews promised very soon. This person is crazy! I’ll be honest she’s mental busy with work and such and still committed to putting me to shame about not blogging more! CHEEK! 😉

What I particularly enjoy with Órfhlaith’s posts is their light-hearted and easy to read manner which doesn’t come at the cost of their content. And on a completely selfish level I really enjoy being linked into the growing presence of Neopaganism and witchcraft on the net. Its no secret that nearly every pagan today has more of a claim to the term “techno-pagan” and certainly the cyberhendge phenomenon has been analysised before by social media critics such as David Cowan. Others have looked at how the media age has created a sense of consumerism based on this sense of hyperconnectivity. At this point the various arguments put forth are rather moot as the simple truth is all societal modalities are becoming techno-aware and very savvy.

Looking forward to seeing what Ireland’s latest blogger has to offer us!


2 Replies to “Techno-pagan: Social Media”

  1. This is my favourite post, like, totally ever. Just some colloquial food for thought for my BLTs.

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you. This was the most wonderful surprise, and the fact that you mentioned how “What I particularly enjoy with Órfhlaith’s posts is their light-hearted and easy to read manner which doesn’t come at the cost of their content”, was the greatest compliment. That’s exactly what I strive for.

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