The Battle of Moytura 5: Inna Cethóir Cerdi – The Four Craftsmen

Within modern magical approaches in Ireland a lot of people have focused in on the Four Craftsmen and why not? It fits with ideas of magical compasses and the Craft in the name alone. A passing interest in Irish Mythology will inform you of the Five Provinces of Ireland (we have four now get that straight in yer noggin’!) and then we get notions of kingship being reliant on mysticism and superstition.

Well thats all terribly fascinating but scaling back a moment I would invite you to download Episode 5 of The Battle of Moytura: Inna Cethóir Cerdi – The Four Craftsmen to learn a little more. I’ll be listening today.

Story Archaeology

The technology of Dían Cécht, Goibniu, Luchta and Creidne Cerd is pivotal in the Battle of Moytura.  As People of Craft, the Túatha Dé Danann treasure the skills of their makers and shapers.

The Story Archaeologists find evidence of their crafting on every stratum of the Battle of Moytura and far beyond.



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by The Story Archaeologists

Music: “Tam Lin” by Gian Castello

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