Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea in Hibernia

Hi folks,

Part of me was with-holding this post until the New Year, heck I was going to hold off on a lot of things at least until Imbolg. If you’ve followed me on my Oibre-mhór blog you’ll have watched me journey my way through initiation into the Outer Order of the the Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea. What I was more reserved about on my blog was the role I took in the founding of a Temple in Ireland with my co-chiefs. It wasn’t a conscious effort to withhold this information but simply a matter that never needed outright reflection on my blog at the time.

The Dublin Temple was formed in 2009 and we worked away for much of this time. Eventually a representative of the Order and the Temple presented a talk with a short demo at Féile Draíochta 2011. Earlier this Summer my Temple chiefs and I had a disagreement and went our separate ways. I blogged somewhat on this process and alluded to much as at the time it was very fresh and raw, and with no disparagement toward my former co-chiefs, I wasn’t ready to talk about it calmly. Fundamentally, what occurred as a disagreement in the direction and vision of the Order and later the Temple.

auroraaureasealToward the end of the Summer months, I’d lost a few friends in the process of all this mind, I decided (with the support of my Fratres and Sorores in the Order to take some time to regroup from the process. As a means to keep idle hands busy I began working on the Irish site for the Temple. Chatting with some of the members of the Order we decided to coordinate efforts as the Order website needed updating too. We also seemed to be on a very similar wavelength when came to social media. Being an Order in the 21st Century means social media are a reality.

Without further delay we started working spotting each other on ideas. The end result (well no such thing with web-design really) has been thus:

Irish website:

The name for the site was chosen for its simplicity as Aurora Aurea is latin for Golden Dawn and Hibernia is the latin for Ireland. All images used are the ownership of the Order unless otherwise stated, credit to Paola Farrell.

The site is quite a basic package and nothing overtly professional but its aims are to notify interested persons of the intention to (re-)launch MOAA’s presence in Ireland. We accomplished a lot with our previous incarnation and have yet room to grow and contribute to the Golden Dawn Tradition as well as the Western Mystery School tradition as a whole.

I figured I’d make the announcement now before the New Year as a means to wish all my dear readers a very happy 2013!

Pax et LVX,

Níall / Abhainn


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