Yule 2012 – Órfhlaith Robin

Yule 2012 - Órfhlaith Robin

Yuletide gifts from Órfhlaith Robin 🙂

Oh yeah! I’m so happy with my prezzies! I really didn’t expect this because if you only know her by interactions online then let me tell you Orfhlaith is so nice. We attend the same college together, while I know that there ARE other Pagans around the campus who could come forth when I’m ready to make UL Pagan Soc a thing its so nice to have touched base with someone genuinely nice and not a weirdo! (I checked she takes marshmallows in her hot chocolate! We’re all good!)

So its the Winter Solstice and today was an epic day of awesomeness with friends and meals and drinks. A truly pagan way to ring in the Winter Solstice. Its been such a hectic year for me and my friends – some of which has been recorded here, most not! A symbol of Light is just the ticket. Accordingly I will consider what ritual options are open to me. The candles above are anointed and crafted with runic symbols and Irish words to bring in power to help study and the coming year will require lots of that! So from the bottom of my heart I want to thank Orfhlaith for her kind thoughts and consideration!


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