Sunday Training

Today’s training involved some more magic work bringing in compassion, kindness and peace and justice.   We looked at the usual trappings of modern day Wicca – the right coloured candles, the fetish to focus our will, the preparatory work such as a Casting the Circle and decided to cut all this out and focus on the magic. This wasn’t to trash the usual procedures of Wicca and modern witchcraft but to detach from the books and plethora of new-age grimoires out there. Instead we discussed a lot of Irish Gods and Goddesses and for those familiar with my other blogs you’ll know I’m somewhat reluctant to call them Gods in Ireland because such a term implies worship and we just don’t have enough to wax on what this might have entailed. Regardless, I found that the various godforms of Ireland held on to their properties when called upon. For instance, Mórrígan and Manannán so wouldn’t share space so had to be placed either side of the space.

We worked on bodhrán and djembe as well and used some Pagan chants to call to other pagans who wanted to come and share in what we’re doing. Breaking for lunch and tea we moved on to some Buddhist meditations and chants. As before the idea was to get used to other modes of magical work to travel to the Otherside.

I’m not going to lie I’ve looked into Wiccan initiation and there are some amazing teachers out there but I find myself focusing on what I said about the move to Samhain on Oibre-Mhór, the “Inward Spiral” seems to be a strong motif where I needed to take an earnest look inside myself and I predicted that Spring would see the end to this. So far all indications have agreed – now is about learning about me free from the trappings of what I’ve read or haven’t read, free from what I looked up online or in the media.


2 Replies to “Sunday Training”

  1. Oh, ever so typical of an Mhór Ríoghain. Try asking her (politely!) to share the space with another Celtic, albeit non-Irish godform like Cernunnos. Nah-ah, not happening. I learned that lesson when I was younger!

    Sounds like a wonderful Sunday though….

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