Compassion & Kindness: Coming Back from the Otherworld

Okay, so with the move from blogger to here I’ve been somewhat liberally posting here while deciding where to start with the move.

If you haven’t been following I’ve been augmenting my studies of the occult with lessons from a friend who has a very varied background in terms of what he’s been studying. My friend and teacher is a pagan and moreso a human being. I want to spend time on that for a moment today because with all the focus on spell-craft, ritual work and the chanting (which doing it right is trickier than you’d think!) and so on we don’t get to discuss in modern witchcraft. I should premise this post with saying that currently the teachers I seem to be attracted to and attracting into my life are those who are very proficient in crossing between worlds and using magical and shamanic techniques and who spent even more time developing ways back to successfully ground the seeker. Above all these teachers share one axiom which is, “magic helps to make one more human not super-human”. Said in various ways by certain teachers (some official, some not).

Today I had a 8-hour training session with intensive meditation work designed to give me all the keys to go into the Otherworld but more importantly to come back out. We started off with a Circle Casting and a call to all beings of peace, kindness and compassion; some Buddhist and Tibetan chants; this lead rather seamlessly to a demonstration of Japanese Buddhist techniques and home to some djembe and Pagan chants with the bodhrán. I’ll be honest with you dear reader this already sounds like a lot but my friend is like a Time Lord or something because it goes all weird and not behaving properly!

My friend played a meditation he’d developed and it was interesting seeing the layers with which can be created in the human mind. I left feeling very drawn out like I’d been tripping on Caramel Macchiatos all day. Thing is I definitely came back because there was no disorientation afterwards and as if to really test out my awareness skills an icy fog had descended over Limerick with ice on the paths – it was fun.


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