Welcome to ‘Abhainn’

Hi everyone,

Due to many swift and dynamic changes in my life recently I’ve made the executive decision to begin migrating all my posts from Fear-Draíochta and Oibre-Mhór to here. For those not in the know Fear-Draíochta is my pagan blog which also covers a little of the LGBT perspective, while Oibre-Mhór is my attempt at blogging on my journey within the Golden Dawn Tradition. Through both blogs I learned of how I wish to describe myself as I soon moved from “Queer Paganism” on Fear-Draíochta to Irish Traditions and realising that whether I say Witch or Magician in English there is a gorgeous Old-Irish word I think works beautifully: Túathaid, which means both witch and magician.

The reason for the move is I’m using WordPress a lot more and this saves me extra time in terms of places to login, and frankly my options with WordPress are some what more me-friendly with social media and websites. For those newly following this blog as well as my two blogs with blogspot I am admin to Pagans In Eire (PIE) – Ireland’s Pagan Forum and to Occult Ireland (OI) – open for all topics on magic and the occult. I have social media for both forums, PIE is currently linked here in the sidebar if anyone would like to follow either forum.

Fear-Draiochta and Oibre-Mhór have been wonderful playgrounds for me as I started on this whole blogging journey some years ago. Blogger does have a lot going for it in terms of friends blogs being on there and a very hand share function I’ve recently discovered. WordPress’s format is just a little easier as I said.

While reviewing the changes perhaps a short introduction, while I fill out the About Me section. My name’s Níall MacSiúrtáin and I can be found mostly as either Abhainn or MrAbhainn online. There is no magical significance attributed to my chosen handle but there is a deep personal one owing to a nickname I was given by a group of friends. Oddly, it had served as a strong motif for my magical and mundane life as I learn the flows of the Rivers of life. Abhainn, means Rivers in a modern rendition of Old-Irish. So don’t be shocked if you find singular “river” for ‘abhainn’ in any Irish dictionary, thats not where it hails from.

I’m a research assistant in college studying English Literature and I have background in New Media Studies which I like to keep a foot in as may be evident through this blog.


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