Musings of a Young Irish Witch…: Being Pagan/Wiccan at School, University etc.

Musings of a Young Irish Witch…: Being Pagan/Wiccan at School, University etc.: It was my personal decision that while attending secondary school (High school for my lovely American counterparts) to keep my religion priv…

This one’s dedicated, in part, to yours truly! 😉 Thanks for that Órfhlaith!

I’m really enjoying having another friend join the pagan-blogosphere. First, let me say a huge welcome to Órfhlaith to the blogosphere and wishing you many happy posts!

Second, as some readers who know me on Facebook may be aware I have started up a page for the UL Pagan Society. This is a relaunch technically as the platform has been there before, except this time we’re in a completely different environment and I’m at a completely different space myself. For one thing I have my MA to start and many sideline projects to it as well (currently in draft form) as well as team projects devised/lead by my supervisor. Some of this may lend itself to my aims and objectives for UL Pagan Soc as I would like to see it incorporating much of the excellent and innovative studies happening in the university.

Indeed the realm of Pagan Studies in modern academia is ever evolving, with particular curiosity coming from sociology and cultural studies. Esoteric Studies have had scholastic attention before too, in various universities (I’m looking at you Berkley, with your courses for Isaac Bonewits et al. and you Exeter with courses on Occultism!). As well as sociology and cultural studies I can see intrigue from literature and music studies with some very creative minds coming forward in novel authorship (I’ve a few of these on my friends list I will at some point coalesce them and post up here for people’s literary delectation – and to shamelessly promote my friends who I’m biased towards!)

If all this seems a bit high-brow, well it is, but like all modern Pagans we can throw a shindig as well as the occasional hootenanny. The society itself will be open to people of all paths/traditions and none and will aim to develop the university’s stance on diversity and openness as best as it may.

I’m after reading Órfhlaith’s post on openness with one’s Craft and religion and found myself moved to share my goals for UL Pagan Soc. Ireland’s pagan scene (yuk term borrowed from LGBT quarters but still as loathsome there too!) is in need of some TLC and nourishment from its members. I don’t think I or any other pagan or occultist gains anything from not acknowledging this. Much like it’s LGBT counterpart I don’t think the “scene” requires that all who participate in it (some might read: ‘serve in it’) be “out” of the proverbial broom closet, just look at Órfhlaith’s engagement with social media and blogs to participate and the various doorways open to approaching paganism today!

I certainly hope to see some of you at some of our events when we get up and running.


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