Armaments within Magic

Standing At The Centre: The Breastplate of Thelema: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law     In the Western mystery tradition there is often a practice of setting space, th…

Well Frater Docet Umbra managed to blog on the concept of the Breastplate of Thelema which explores the concept of “setting space” and I’ll be honest I’ve read lots and more important listened too when others have spoken of setting space or creating sacred space but learning through experience is something I’m only afforded when I’m playing with others.
Recently, I had the opportunity to met with the Wildman to ask him some of his experiences. He smirked and beckoned me outside – so much for tea I thought because I knew what what coming next I would have to get off my lazy pagan ass and start doing stuff. Whereas many other pagan friends of mine are pushing [read: encouraging] me for more spiritual or practical magical pursuits, which is always interesting in and off itself because different pagans and different witches have different ideas of whats practical and whats hands on. They have a point, though I do have a viable rationale as to why I dropped the ball in recent months and its because I had college to complete and a masters to get underway.

Anyway, the Hairy-pagan brought me outside with two swords and began to demonstrate how to wield a sword and slash not to timidly draw pentagrams in the air but to ACTUALLY claim the space. As he asked me as I was watching, “would you step inside this circle?” and I looked him up and down and the sword was tucked away under arm and him as smily and amicable as wild pagans get and I thought, ‘feck no! Are you nuts?’ Then he directed me to stand inside the circle he’d just carved out and ask me how I felt and admittedly I had a sword in my hands now too but regardless I felt much calmer knowing that he had at least carved out the space, which was a safe space rather than sacred space. Most magical practitioners will tell you there is a difference between safe space and sacred space and the latter isn’t always safe.
Green Man, Paola Farrell
We reconvened in the sitting room and he showed me some more of his techniques for claiming space. This involved calling in Love and Compassion times three. While I have a lot of friends in the pagan community who have offered me help in developing various techniques sometimes whats needed is to just be directed along the way. He showed me some of his drumming work and I found myself tapping along (admittedly out of sync) but becoming swept up with the quickening pace.
What happened next actually took me by surprise as I started to see the Stag as it’s hoof connected with the earth and it’s antlers connected with another stag. Suddenly I was wearing the antlers myself. I WAS the Stag. Not bad for my first trip through drumming work. Connecting to that primal energy was quite unique to my magical experience and aided by working with the sword in a combative and tactile way certainly helped to bridge the gap between the arbitrary sense of the Horned One.
There are plans afoot to further this experience in my life not just with the Wildman but others too. Ireland is fast becoming a place with lots of events and happenings on the magical front. Hope to blog a little on some of these experiences as they happen.

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