Toward the inward Spiral

A Vision B, 66

In A Vision (1937) the Yeatses presented the above image by Edmund Dulacís, which depicts the 28 Masions of the Moon. Following a series of readings today I found the Tarot of ‘the Moon’ (18th Key) came to strong prominence reminding me of this image from A Vision which explores the Yeatses concept of the widening gyre and energy.

When I decided to engage with a cleansing period I noticed and pointed it out in my last blog post of the inward spiral matching to the cycles of the Wheel of the Year I was reminded of this process today in the readings which asked if I should commit to reading publicly at a charity, holistic day this Sunday.

The reading pointed toward my journey inward as a source of continued strength and inner fortitude, while looking into my studies as a source of creativity.

This will be a very interesting journey and I have no idea what I will discover about myself or within myself. Where I will ‘go’ or how exactly I will interact with this process. It is frightening and thrilling at the same time as I have creative mind that has been suppressed over the last few years as other projects and ideas took precedence.

Inward Spiral…

A vision borne, seek thy voice,
A desire for Life to rejoice,
A light to guide thyself to inner wisdom,
Balanced through and beyond Christendom.
Son of Water, Daughter of Water,
Guide me to the Magna Mater,
Muin – the path of my voice,
Ibn, am I, of Mother Earth.
Hidden Mysteries, kept from sight,
Journey forth; purging plight,
Many roads – fear not the travel along the Path, 
For weeds choke the Untrodden Way.
– Níall MacSiurtáin (06/09/2012)

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