Oath Bound Secrets: Space Purification

Oath Bound Secrets: Space Purification: I was asked for a purification ritual that did not involve fire/smoke, so I am writing this up here for anyone who may find it useful. Remem…

I may be crushing on this blogger a little! Her blog is awesome and practical without over simplifying things. Its kinda cool that considering I don’t know my smoke alarms in my new place yet my recourse was to asperge the room with Angel Feathers, which is melted snow collected at the first fall last Winter, good for blessings and exorcising of rooms through the angelic realms.

Being in the city centre I had no available herbs I could gather to hand so used my two forefingers and thumb to represent the Divine Triad. This action by itself suited the purpose which was to initiate my own energies in the room rather than the pre-existing ones.


3 Replies to “Oath Bound Secrets: Space Purification”

  1. having been required to do a few things in hospitals and hospices, a neat thing that works well is a mix of epsom salts and rubbing alcohol (in a heat safe bowl). The salts absorb the water molecules leaving a richer alcohol content that burns at a very low temperature and virtually no smoke, so no probs with smoke alarms 🙂

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