Announcement: September 2012

Hi folks,

This blog has been rather quiet of late and for that I apologise. I’ve needed to focus on myself somewhat in terms of the GD practices. I’ve also been hard at work with blog posts for Fear-Draiochta where I can. With those blog posts going so well I wanted to make a few short announcements about the pacing of posts for Oibre-Mhór. Basically they’ll be slow… very slow! lol Here’s why:

Academic Study:

I will be Graduating tomorrow under the watchful gaze of the Blue (Belewe) Moon.

I’ve been accepted to a Masters by Research in English which allows me to research Yeats and the Golden Dawn. I’ll be joining the illustrious ranks of Kathleen Raine, George Mills-Harper, Margaret Mills-Harper (who will be my MA Supervisor to boot!) and many more by journeying through Yeats’ life and works to contextualise his esoteric practices in terms of his literary works.

During the summer I have been prepping for a new blog on this very subject. Hopefully it will be more academic and topic orientated than my blogspot accounts. I will link to this NEW blog at a later stage and make an announcement here so that GD magicians and scholars may follow the blog and updates and input freely if they so wish.

General Round-Up:

The Belewe Moon marks a momentous occasion in my life with the culmination of six years of hard work, but being the proverbial túathaid (witch/magician) I am I elect to see it as part of a greater whole. This year marked a lot learning curves in terms of my self-identity within the Golden Dawn system and beyond it.

  • Imbolc: In February I made the decision in the presence of my brothers and sisters to pursue an MA by research in Yeats and the Golden Dawn. The idea had been mulling over in my mind for the previous two years but lacking an avenue to manifest. Here it did so as I’m far from one who’d wish to place Yeats as some sort of God of the G:.D:. but have felt I could bring a unique perspective to Yeatsian studies.
  • Bealtaine: Was traumatic as I was caught in the energies of Bealtaine which frankly anyone who’s done the research will attest is a time of heated discussions in Irish traditions. Its really about proclamations of ownership and disputes. For me; friends fell out and forced me to choose between the two. As my personal truth I feel that one side of this despute manipulated the situation in a very distasteful manner, which did affected my occult studies as well as my mundane studies. It would take time to sort through the aftermath of these ‘games’.
  • Summer Solstice: Before the Solstice even hit (July 8, 2012) I was issued with a notice that I was no longer a member of the newly formed, Ancient and Honourable Order of the Golden Dawn (AHOGD) Dublin Temple, nevermind a co-Chief. AHOGD was formed (ahem) following the Dublin Temple’s split from MOAA. The decision of my former co-Cheifs followed many interpersonal problems between myself and them. I won’t lie I perceived some tensions building but I was determined to focus on college work, so when the notice came I could see the situation as being as irreconcilable so I accepted their decision hoping to retain the friendship (or what was left of it) when the unthinkable happened. They forwarded a scathing and false email to the membership defaming me and breaking a contract I’d established as a paying member (when you pay dues its a legal contract). Naturally I was and am very angry about this, however, I have decided that I will follow a period of cleansing for 6 months to detox my system from these events.

These are people I was friends with and felt comfortable establishing a Temple egregore with. I am endeavouring to release with Light and Compassion.

Following this baffling series of events, I had a very informative Ogham reading from a learned friend, who made tea and offered me a chance to experience her growing Labyrinth which consists of a two circles joined by a narrow pathway the first circles a reflective pool and the second a high place – perfection! The reading reminded me of strengths learned from before and a detachment from wisdom but that the situation was very much about the honour-price (and my honour was feeling bruised especially if my ego felt like it’d been pounded by a sledgehammer and ground to dust) as I’d accepted my former co-Chiefs’ judgement to expel me so why the assault?

  • Lughnasadh: This festival calls for a time of peace and to place disputes on hiatus for a time in the Irish cycle of the Year. So with this in mind I went to visit friends in a local Grove and played games and had fun. It was just what the doctor ordered. During this month I spoke to many a learn’d person on things troubling me and came to a moment of personal gnosis. This moment made me realise that I had choices and I was in a much more powerful position than I’d realised (my friend’s Ogham reading on a ‘third-of-armament’ being validated here once more). Unconsciously I’d been defining my magical practices by those whom I’d met not by myself and so I need to look to the system of the Golden Dawn without the personalities and personas which take charge. If I want to be the self-sufficient magician I had set for myself this is how it will have to go forward.
  • Autumnal Equinox – Winter Solstice: Period of introspection and focus on my academic research which is set to be very intense. I have denied myself the chance to pursue this for long enough and I refuse to let my own issues deprive me of this goal. The aim is to facilitate the cleansing period and to re-discover my personal motivations for being part of the Golden Dawn system. By Spring 2013 (Imbolc) I hope to have completed the six months cleansing and simultaneously will have grounded myself in my Path as well as settled in to my academic work.

Departure from the Dublin Temple:

With my departure from the Dublin Temple duly announced I would like to make the request that bloggers and readers alike take the time to consider that this isn’t as amicable as I would like (I’m confident the general membership feels the same way) and so I would ask you to bare in mind that this blog post accounts for ONLY my personal experiences of the situation and others undoubtedly have theirs.

For me this has been a series of harsh lessons, most of which I have to fully engage with. I would like to thank those who have offered their support and love throughout this period of time.

Sámae ocus soillse, Abhainn

5 Replies to “Announcement: September 2012”

  1. 93 AbhainnA most event filled post. I would respectfully disagree that Yeats was not in a way a God of the G.'.D.'.He tirelessly worked to uphold the integrity of the Order, kept his oaths, didn't publish, dedicated his life to the system (as opposed to other GD luminaries such as D.F., PFC, IR and AC who each set themselves up outside the GD fold) and did not opt out when he had passed the grades and got material to work with elsewhere. Instead he stayed, grew an Order, deepened his understanding of the system and in his own quiet way (the reason people attribute such GD mediocrity to him) was the ideal image of an initiate. Who else in the GD stayed like Yeats? Should uncle Al be considered the occult luminary of the GD? Mathers? Don't put Yeats on a pedestal, but don't short change him either.It is quite a shame to hear your time with the Dublin GD temple has ended as I remember you being very enthusiastic about the path you were following. Still, it seems you are still on your path, and continuing with your work. I am not familiar with the GD Order the 'Ancient and Honourable Order of the Golden Dawn' – has the Dublin temple stopped working with Farrell and the Aurora Aurea? Or is this just another 'name'?Regardless of such things, it is obvious that this has been a trying year for you and I wish you well in your path forward.With Warm greetings93/93BrianFrater Docet Umbra

  2. Ave Fra D.U.,Fear not, I shan't be diminishing Yeats' contribution to the Golden Dawn system. It was immense afterall. My focus will be from a literary standpoint so attempting to gauge the impact his occult studies had on his literary works. It is a bit like the analogy of the chicken and the egg I'm sure but such is the struggle of the modern day Yeatsian scholar (that gave me chills).The Dublin Temple has formed its own independent Order, separate from the Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea. So yes lots of changes. Thank you for your well wishes, they are warmly received. I am working on myself and am not giving up on the Path simply because my mates say no. If that were enough to put me off then I'm on it for the wrong reasons. 🙂

  3. Sounds cool. How nice being able to combine those things (MAsters and Yeats research). I am looking forward to read about your studies, findings etc. So you ane not a member of teh Dublin Temple any more but of MOAA? – Arcad / Mathias

  4. Thanks Archad, as I say I'll shout from the rooftops when get started blogging on Yeats it will be on a new blog with a more literary focus though but still loads for lit-heads and non-lit heads to dialogue over.Currently, I am not a member of any Order but members within MOAA have been kind and nurturing as I find myself back on my path – indeed it is the same individuals who offered council but not judgement during the initial separation from MOAA. In short I'm content with just being now as I have had a very active year. I won't be rushing to any decisions either because the cleanse is important and because for me right now restoring personal agency is necessary.

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