Lughnasadh 2012

Hi folks,

This is going to be a short one as I’ve no plans for ritual tonight/tomorrow. August is already such a busy month and I shall be celebrating Lughnasadh with community friends of mine from the Grove of Sinann this coming Monday travel plans not withstanding. I’m up ship-creak without a paddle because I have no piece ready for the Feat of Bardship. I wanted something cool to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of this place. So if anyone has any suggestions send them in an email as spies everywhere! lol

The fun thing is this year two members of the Grove, including its founder; Chris Thompson, have something to celebrate because they have launched a new projected I blogged about here. So far feedback is great for the project. Its essentially a podcast with articles and a blog to accompany it. Chris and Isolde explore Irish mythology for its value in story and archaeologically as well as through culture and do so very interestingly even if I do say so myself.

The Grove itself is for people of all Paths and none, so naturally I’m very much at home in this space and its lovely to meet with others for celebration of the season and not merely due to shared labels. I’m not very sporty so I’ll never make an Ildánach (though a wonderful fluke allowed me to be Quary at Samhain in my first year… just wish I’d known the terrain better and worn better footwear). In any effect its not the sense of accomplishment that is glory of victory but in claiming something for one’s self that works in this space.

For those celebrating Lughnasadh or the Harvast season tonight/tomorrow wish you many blessings and joyous times. Remember that fosterage is an emblem of the triad of armament for this season and the voice of women very important! x

Beannachtaí mó bráthaireacha & súireanna! x

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