A Witch’s Temple

To do list…

As I find myself at home for the Summer I can’t help but notice how much stuff has accrued over the months and years shifting between places. Over the past six years I have acquired, through gifts mostly, most of my Craft materials. Finding a space for everything is not easy at home as my family, like most, are fine with one or two eccentric items but I honestly have no space for anything anymore. I’m currently cleaning out clothes and such to see what I actually can wear but worst of all has got to be books! I’m an English studies student and hopefully come September…scholar and my Pagan and Occult books are really starting to amass themselves. Some, like my clothes, will have to find new homes because they are just room fillers for me and my Craft.
Trying to find space and work with all my stuff is nothing short of a miracle considering my trigger for epilepsy (its working stuff out by the way). Because I try to keep my working Altar for my Craft separate from my Altar for G:.D:. Work I also need to make compromises. For instance my G:.D:. altar isn’t cubical but rectangular and much smaller. It’s practical to hold my items for meditation and personal practice. My working Altar isn’t that work orientated these days but also serves for observance when I want to work with energies of the changing seasons. When I’m working at my Book of Shadows I light candles on my working Altar. When meditating or working on rituals for G:.D:. I have a tealight lit before images or just by lonesome.

Unfolding the Temple x 2

All this work had me thinking how my energies had been divided between two Temple spaces. My home one is connected deeply with the Family homestead and even the Ancestral line. This was more happenstance on my part but the connection works and means I have the support of Familial Line in some matters (none of them were Witches or magicians so I have to be respectful that they are helping me not my practice so more like wise counsel than anything else). Of course they can and do help with Family matters – both immediate and extended Family. A lot of what I can do as a Witch and Magician stems from abilities imparted to me from my maternal and paternal family.
When I first started college I asked some Adepts in the G:.D:. system what I could do with my Temple space I’d proudly invested in creating (I freely admit I FELT I was doing better than I actually was and lots was left undone) and they advised me to fold the Temple up on the Astral Plane and unfold it down at College…. hmmm… good suggestion but I hadn’t consciously created a personal Astral Temple for either my G:.D:. work or for my Craft work. In theory the two “spaces” could be folded and unfolded or indeed they could occupy both my college space and my bedroom at home. Something felt odd about this, like it needed an internal landscape that reflected MY journey in both Traditions and approaches.

Rivers’ Tale in the Making

There is a strong motif in my life around water and rivers and the fact that my life has straddled the longest river in Ireland for both mundane and magical study. Though to be fair this should be understood more in terms of the relationship of the classic Taoist Taijitu of Yin-Yang (see left image), both mundane and magical being distinct and yet one. Ironically Sinann’s story tells us that she came to Connla’s Well out of curiosity and in doing so broke the taboo of the ‘magicians’, but Sinann’s story isn’t so simple as a distain for traditional learning (magician should be read to mean scholar or a person of learning) but her curiosity, much like those of people like Dr. Israel Regardie and Dr. Gerald B. Gardner prompted them to preserve the tradition anew.
There is a common story used very early on to explain the mysteries of the Tarot as hailing from Egypt because of the strength of the Mystery Traditions in that area of the world at the time. We know of course this is a syncretic history cobbled together for the time it was told but it did what it needed to do. I daren’t suggest for a moment my life and work has any semblance to Regardie or to Gardner or any other number of magicians and witches who broke with convention to add to the corpus of their Tradition. Indeed, if that is how one reads into the story of Sinann one is missing the point in my view. Sinann discovered a voice and new path forward as the wave came to clear the new. I can’t help but draw upon my awareness of the effects of the Information Society we find ourselves in now which makes so much possible in terms of seeking magical groups or traditions or even forging one of one’s own creation.

What to Next?

Well now that I have recognised another central motif for my personal practices I plan to work on creating a suitable terrain astrally for me to access it all. I also plan to add more to my Book of Shadows and develop some magical operations as a Witch. I’ve been gifted a good study approach which means for subjects like Tarot, Ogam, Astrology and so forth I have two journals – one factual and one subjective. I also have to set time aside for Summer to work on Sight and scrying. A number of things I have “seen” coming I failed to act upon and work with where necessary and against were possible have happened in the past two years and if I’m to be as good as I say I think I should live by my words.
But first I need to clean my room before my mother crucifies me! Someone should tell her the appropriate Biblical punishment was stoning. 😉

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