Plans for the Future

 End of an Era

I came up with a plan to fill up my two blogs more frequently but with so much work involved in my college work I found myself with little time or subjects to discuss. In terms of academia I have finished my undergraduate degree and found myself a challenging but exciting Masters by Research topic. Indeed, the plan for the Summer is to start working on this MA ASAP and to start a blog on the subject which will eventually lead to a professional blog for my academic career. Some close friends know the score with this as is but otherwise I’m trying to play things close to my chest as I combine interests.

Being a Túathaid

In my last post I explored the concept of terminology in contemporary Irish, old-Irish and modern- to old- English. This was partly due to be penchant for linguistic foibles that wreck people’s heads and also a search for a synthesis of my path in life.

Gerald B. Gardner, founder of Gardnerian Wicca

I’ve mentioned before that I very early on set myself on path of Witch under the umbrella term Wiccan or Eclectic Wiccan. As I began to meet more and more Traditional Wiccans the more I realised that I hadn’t a clue of the Wiccan religion. In the normal course of things I would have countered nay-sayers with a socio-linguistic tirade of “…but Gardner/Cunningham/et al. used X-term and Y-term, not Z-term” and I would have continued by summing up that terms are more reflective and fluid than we give credence to in most circles. Basically, Wicca [two c’s] is in the public domain and open to the same evolutionary/mutations as any other adjective, verb or noun in any language. This was all fine until I began to realise that the majority of people from non-Traditional backgrounds were religious Pagans. This ran counter to my spiritual experiences. No God or Goddess had ever wished me to become a devotee or priest to them. Indeed, I’d felt that my service as “priest” was to the community and more in line with being a responsible citizen. I’d always held existentialist philosophies around personal responsibility and “good faith” (Sartrean term), so after reading on some atheistic existentialists I found the origin to some of the earlier philosophies I’d aligned myself to. Being a Witch started to seem less and less of an issue with a focus on magic and a personal eye to development as an individual.

Israel Regardie, Golden Dawn Magician

In 2009 I was on work placement in Dublin, I hated that job and if I’m honest Dublin too. But I began filling out my personal practice with daily rituals and the first being the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. A few of us at Occult Ireland began utilising this ritual. Like most, we only encountered the banishing form and as this increased in use (a suggestion from Regardie’s books) I enjoyed the discipline and routine. It was still ‘off’ though. I began looking into the Golden Dawn and reading on Regardie and almost in a flurry of synchronicity myself and two other friends said we wanted to join the Sanctuary of Ma’at – an online curriculum based on the Self-Initiation book of the Ciceros. One friend dropped out and two more came with one sticking around for the long hall. Ireland now has it’s first ever Temple of the Golden Dawn Tradition based in Dublin.

As a Túathaid – a term I use more as a loanword – I am faced with adhering to the call of traditions in Ireland but also faced with a personal path that calls for the structure and learning of the Golden Dawn. Whether I call myself a Witch or a Magician depends largely on the circle of friends I am in but none of these terms, nor does Túathaid, convey my sense of morality, spirituality or philosophy to others. Truth is if I listen to the Ancestors and the Land then the call I hear is to participate in stimulating the land of Ireland with more magical and spiritual growth as is the tradition of Ireland. This means that in the 21st Century there is always room for the Golden Dawn (G:.D:.), the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), the Irish Order of Thelema (IOT), British Traditional Wicca (BTW), Irish Craft traditions and folk customs, Neopaganism (ranging from Goddess-worship to Polytheism), Freemasonry, Esoteric Christianity and Gnosticism to contemporary Druidism (sorry academically speaking I fall short of calling it Druidism in Celtic sense of the word).

What the Future Holds

As I mentioned I plan to work on MA thesis and get a strong grounding over the summer. When the new blog launches I will make an announcement for people.

As for magically/spiritually… 

The Irish Temple is going strong. We’re always growing and I love working with the people I am working with. They stimulate me (pardon the expression!) and push me further to learn and work. (see: for detail)
I am working on plans to host monthly working circles in Limerick with a dedicate few. The idea is to develop stills and work beyond the confines of Traditions so other Witches/Wiccans and Magicians may join in for workings on specific issues like health and healing for the community. There may be room for divination work as well. At the moment this will be very fluid as the group has yet to form and establish its own momentum. (e-mail me: if you’re in the area and interested. Please note this will be a serious working group, while previous experience is not necessary if you’re looking for a Coven to learn from this won’t be it!)

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