Imbolg 2012: Busy bee!

I’ve been in a sort of petrified limbo concerning my final year project. I say petrified because thats exactly it. I’m petrified. I decided very early on what I was going to write on and some wonder Facebook friends gave me resources to help solidify that decision over a year ago. So why can’t I write? Truth is I can, I’ve been on Facebook and undertaken a HUGE clean-up of profiles and if maintaining two forums, two blogs and a number of websites and groups and pages wasn’t enough I gone and bloody started a new profile… *sigh*

Why you may ask? Well because I found more and more “randomers” adding me on Facebook and as my undergrad draws to a close after 12 LONG YEARS I need to turn my attention to the public face of who I present. I’m blessed with wonder friends and acquaintances who have taken time
out to get to know me so I’m not worried about them misconstruing me as either a weirdo or pagan fluff because of what I believe or accept as the belief (or lack thereof) of others. Perhaps its the bridging of two worlds – Paganism and LGBT that help people or simply because I found some wonderful folks. Either way I can’t guarantee that employers will be so respectful.
12 Years is a long time with a series of trials and tribulations and even some battles to get me past a 4-Year Undergrad. I’m thrilled with the life experiences this time has afforded me but further study beckons as does career plans. One thing I’ve not mentioned to anyone before was in 2006 I remember looking at my student ID and the date of finishing. 2010. Nice date to finish college and depending on Masters I could still be fully qualified by 2012. But a niggling in the back of my mind told me 2012 was graduation year for me from Undergrad. I’m not going to argue with whether this might have been a self-fulfilling prophecy because I’ve decided in true existential fashion doesn’t matter. I’m richer for experience.
This truth is the important piece but I can’t help but feel my Granny’s loving embrace once more as she often brings dreams and tidings to help me navigate my way. Considering Imbolg in Ireland is widely celebrated as Lá Fhéile Bríd or St. Brigit’s Day perhaps some synchronicity here considering my Granny’s name, Brigid. I don’t really get much from the goddess Brighid personally but hey if works for you go for it. I’d considered making a Brighid’s Cross and visiting river Shannon to commune with Sinann, but college work and then oddly timed upheaval in college exec (whole other story) interceded… (rolls eyes… fine I debased myself by watching but least I voted).
Tis all a weird mesh of occurrences and happenstance but wonderfully so. My commitment to filling this blog this year is still on going and I have received some emails from people (thank you kindly folks) and I hope now college is more planned out to respond over coming days. Please enjoy the coming of Spring over the next few days as it plummets to -6ºC here thanks to a Siberian cold snap from nowhere. Suppose tis ideal for Brighid’s Cloaks if anyone has a mind to?

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