2011: Winter Solstice

New Year’s resolutions/plans.

I’m determined to do more blogging more regularly. To this end I have an article submitted to Brigid’s Fire Magazine and so I will keep you posted as to when this first one will be coming out. I have some other projects for Brigid’s Fire in the pipeline.

Writing for Brigid’s Fire means I will have to simply keep you all posted for updates on what I’m doing and hopefully promote my fellow contr
ibutors. For those who may not know Brigid’s Fire Magazine is an Irish based and operated magazine with a growing syndication base in Ireland and abroad. It’s bee
n around for a few years now and the quality of work has been really good (you all know I can slate with the best of them so if it was bad I wouldn’t contribute nor would I plug ’em, except maybe to warn people away).
A lil’ more about Brigid’s Fire before I continue (FYI: these foundational “principles” have evolved since I first heard them so DO check out their website linked above):
  • The magazine issues come out for Imbolg (February), Bealtaine (May), Lughnasadh (August) andSamhain (October).
  • It was founded in 2008 with a view to being a reliable publication for Ireland’s pagan community.
  • They cover a wide range of topics and features from a contemporary pagan perspective including cultural interest pieces from artists of a wide range of genres.
Now to return to the main post.
Guest Bloggers
Aside from Brigid’s Fire I hope to approach some friends for contributions to this blog. So we’re talking guest blogging. I’ve done it once before so should be fun to do! Plus it means that some people who aren’t “bloggers” get the chance to put some of their ideas out there to others. I think that these will be organised around the New Moon of each of the Greater Sabbats so depending on the calendar for 2012 before or after my posts on Brigid’s Fire.

Wheel of Year: A Personal Serial
I will be scheduling myself with writing for the Sabbats. Ideally I will make all
eight as a map to the Wheel of the Year or certainly my own. This is a non-Traditional approach. I’m not an initiate of any group or coven though I do sometimes gather with friends of all and no denomination of Pagan.
I’m not very hands on but maybe people can e-mail me with practical crafts and recipes for the different festivals? Or if anyone knows of open events happening around the countryside that could be

something as well? E-mail: abhainn@pagansineire.com
Thoughts of a Lunatic
These will most likely be on or before the Full Moons. Centered on some philosophical theories or cultural theories to have influenced myself and maybe the wider pagan community. I don’t like how modern Pagans are depicted as fluff and waffle… thats only partially through my blog thus far is a perfect example of complete drivel!
So we can look at Cultural Theory, Existentialism, Feminist Theory, Queer Theory, Memetic Representation, Structuralism, Post-modernism, et al. The world shall be our oyster! The idea of this series is to bridge the gap between various influences and understandings that may or may not have stayed stagnant.
What do you think? Does it sound like a winner? Don’t hesitate to email me at abhainn@pagansineire.com with comments or questions. Or if you’d like to become a guest blogger?

2 Replies to “2011: Winter Solstice”

  1. I look forward as always to your 'drivel' (a bit strong a word – amusing and enjoying rambling mightr be more apt perhaps?) and if I can be of help, I am more than willing to offer the service of my drivel.

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