Updates: Forums, New Website Launch and Talks coming up!

Well dear readers,

I don’t know about any of you but I’ve been having the busiest Summer in a good long while. I tend to be a lot more informal (yes it gets worse!) on my other blog, Fear Draíochta and so if you’ve been following posts there you may have guessed I’m heavily involved in community work in the LGBT community and juggling college as my final year encroaches. I have three items I’m like to let you all know about;
  1. Forum news,
  2. Website launch,
  3. Féile Draíochta

1. Forum News

Forums have had changes in personnel and procedures due to spam and because many of the Moderators are incredibly busy.
Occult Ireland was badly hit by spam bots and while the clean-up is underway it will take time. Most of the forum categories are cleaned up but in order to sign up you will need admin approval. This was the only way to control the spambots from registering. We are looking into alternatives but may take some time. Frater Yechidah has stayed on as Co-admin in an advisory capacity (he really thinks he can get off that lightly! lol) and Adder as a Moderator.
Pagans in Eire wasn’t as badly hit but since its on the same platform it was hit and we took the same measures. Sharrow was promoted to Co-admin to help regulate things better and she’s been an angel along with our Moderators, Nuadu and Solais.
Forum upgrades will come but I just need to free up time. Sorry for the way. Both OI and PIE are on Facebook for further updates.
MOAA launched in late 2009 as a new order within the Golden Dawn tradition. Since then the Order has flourished and continues to achieve a lot – I’ll admit I’m biased, doesn’t make it untrue mind 😉 – throughout this the Irish Temple based in Dublin has been working to. Its now come to the stage where the Dublin Temple are ready to launch our website. The link is in the subtitle above and I’d like to invite you all to take a gander… more will be added over time.
Okay… take a gander but hurry back for more about Féile Draíochta 2011.

3. Talks at Feile Draíochta 2011

Féile Draíochta is Ireland’s answer to Witchfest/Craftfest and indeed has gone by those names in the past. It was started in 2003 and is hosted by Barbara Lee and author Lora O’Brien. This festival remains the highlight of many magical seekers social calendars and this year Dean Wilson will be offering a talk on the Golden Dawn with some practical exercises for those interested in attending. Details of which can be found on the link above below is a brief introductory biography from the website itself:

Dean Wilson lives in Dublin and is a Gnostic and Golden Dawn ceremonial magician. He has a keen interest in the Qabalah, Enochian and Gnosticism. He is a member of Nick Farrell’s Magical Order of Aurora Aurea and sometimes goes by the motto Frater Yechidah. In this talk Dean proposes to explain to us from the basis of his own experience and work what the Golden Dawn is, including a brief history. He will discuss the Golden Dawn today and its influences on modern magic, with an insight into the place of paganism within it.

Some other guest speakers confirmed are Jon Hanna a noted speaker on witchcraft and magic. In time the website will be updated with more speakers and workshop facilitators so please do check in regularly. I can’t wait to attend myself!


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