The LRP by Moonlight

Yup I did the hippy thing last night. Strangely it wasn’t very hippy but rather informative in terms of supplying a connection during the ritual. Last night was a Waning Crescent moon, which fell beautifully over the trees and field to the back of my house. The day had been beautiful and so there were few clouds to contend with thankfully because the stars were almost as fantastic. I live out in the countryside and this tends to my “genuine” claim to the term ‘paganus’ or country-dweller.
I stepped out the patio door after hours so as not to have an audience. No robes or that, simply me and the heavens above. I performed the Qabalistic Cross, which was excellently timed as a light breeze came around me. Realistically I wasn’t far from the back door so it really had no other choice as to where to blow. As it did so I could visualize the LVX or Light descending. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had no problems in visualizing this before but there was something about being outside, and reassuring that it wasn’t just the safe confines of my ritual altar in my room that presented such sensations.
Forming the Pentagrams was very interesting because the night sky really lent itself to the ritual as a cosmic scene. I guess its also refreshing for me to have space to move around properly. Generally because my room is quite cluttered I have to rely on visualization to “see” the energies extending beyond and back.
I didn’t stay out any longer than was needed to perform the LRP because I am just recovering from a very clingy head cold. It’s been around for the past week and while it is lessening now I think I shall perform a MP ritual over the weekend to knock off the rest of it. Today I surprised myself and cleaned my room (terrible procrastinator here!!) and that usually means I’ve been sick long enough and now I want to get my room back on track and therefore my Life.

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