Ritual Staff

Last year, on my old Yola blog, I posted on a strange and wonderful gift I received in a moment of strange synchronicity. While in Sligo town I found myself wandering into a craft shop that I used to go to when I was a kid. The thing about this place is that it is a converted butchers that Michael Quirke took over from his father. Michael is one of these old world gentlemen types who has all the myths and legends off to a tea.
So its my birthday and I LOVE mythology and learning about it all. After what seems like ages and eyes wide after hearing some amazingly rendered tales about the ancient Irish culture. Something must have clicked in the way I was responding to what I was hearing as after a time Michael mentioned a “spiritual fellow” who had dropped in a piece of rowan wood a few months prior to that asking for some work to be done but he never returned. He disappeared for a moment down the back and came up with the rough piece of wood that was between 8 and 9 Foot. I jumped at the chance to take it home so asked him to cut it down for me to about 5’9″ maybe taller.
One of the issues I had was that I missed out on doing woodwork in secondary school and so not a clue how to sheer down the rough parts to get at the smoother wood beneath. Luckily my brother was in a most agreeable mood and started immediately and within three days the staff had been sheered and varnished with clear varnish. There was still something missing, this staff was looking for a home and was calling out to me (anyone else get image of a dancing stick giving weird oogily eyes? Nope? Just me then!) so before placing final varnish on it I went in search of crystals to cap the staff in. This I felt would not only complete the staff but add my own energies to it’s creation.
The reason I jumped at the chance to take home rowan wood was because two years prior to finding the staff I received the gift of a rowan wand from a friend of mine involved in the Craft as well. Down in Limerick I found the crystals more or less were I knew they’d be. They also came in useful when creating altar tiles for friends. With some wood putty I managed to fasten the primary crystal to the top of the staff. I haven’t decided whether or not to paint on sigils before I finally varnish it for the last time. I’m sure that it will come together but for now I wanted to share the result thus far.

4 Replies to “Ritual Staff”

  1. You lie, you think it's the ugliest eyesore you've ever laid eyes on but tis mine and I can assure you looks FAAAR better in full awesomeness. I couldn't angle the camera on my laptop right to get the whole lot.

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