Dissecting Dreams

When it comes to dreamwork and dream interpretation its something that seems to fascinate most of us crafting our own spiritual practices. We’re told to keep a record of our dreams so we may start to gleam deeper meanings form them. As it states above the entrance at the Temple of Apollon at Delphi “Gnothi Seauton”, meaning to Know Thyself. This is a principle that is embedded in the modern pagan movement on a selection of forums from meditation to dreamwork to spell-crafting to simply living life. It is an important axiom of the various spiritual practices it is reflected in but alas sometimes is not very well explored as seekers often read the surface of a book and do little to absorb it into their lives in any harmonious way.
The Basics
Judging by the sheer volume of posts online there seems to lots of confusion over how one can interpret their own dreams upon walking. So for them I would like to cover the basics of dream interpretation first. One of the essentials I think most would agree is recording dreams in a journal. As a tool at first it may seem ridiculous as you may not recall much or indeed anything but even recording feelings upon waking helps. It will also help with other practices such as lucid dreaming, which involves recognising that you are dreaming and altering the dream in some way or indeed programming a way to wake yourself if it is a bad dream.
There is also a strong tendency for people to assume that Jungian psychology is gospel in dream interpretation. I think its worthy of note to acknowledge that the symbolism in dreams tends to be more personal to you in its meaning. It is developed from your own subconscious and will only reflect Jung’s archetypal imagery if you happen to be working closely with this symbolism. Simply recording dreams can train the waking-mind to spot common threads or associated feelings.
Next Step
The next thing is moving into the realms of using the dreamscape as a lower astral realm. Many people tend to astral project on the dreamscape as a place where a person is more open to “leaving the body”. There are many ways that a person can do this intentionally, sometimes with enough practice in lucid dreaming it can be a matter of simply directing your focus to a pre-planned destination. Other methods include use of mojo-bags or dream pouches. Some people have recommended working with crystals but this may involve some experimentation as many of the ‘dream-friendly’ crystals such as; Amethyst, Tiger Eye, Celestite, Seraphinite, Labradorite, Malachite, Moldavite, Agate, have different effects while sleeping.

Their energies can cancel each other out if combined with the wrong ones and also may have a negative or undesired effect. its good also to read up on basic wave physics and vibrations in crystalline structures. It will give you a better understanding of the way their powers work. – Bobby C on Crystals

One of my own discoveries with practicing lucid dreaming was the need for actual sleep. Sometimes when a dream is not remembered it can be because you are simply too tired and need to rest you body and mind. A strong meditational routine can help restore one’s equilibrium and get a healthy night’s sleep. Now I tend to try and reserve most of my astral dreamwork for Monday nights or nights of the Full Moon since these are ruled by Luna and Mondays are associated with Yesod in Qabalistic lore.
Another common occurrence in Ireland particularly seems to be dreaming of the future and premonitions. Once again practicing all the suggestions previously mentioned could help enormously in terms of seeking clarity of understanding. In my experience dreams of the future rarely display the level of clarity and objectivity as found on the likes of Medium and Ghost Whisperer. Perhaps lucid dreaming can help in other formats too, this is largely off the top of my head as I write but I do wonder whether through lucid dreaming could one practice programming a ‘test’ in order to test the source and the legitimacy of a vision. Such symbols of power as the Earth Banishing Pentagram or the Water Banishing perhaps? Its been previously recommended to myself but I have yet to test the waters as it were, as such I would love to hear feedback from other practitioners?

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