My New Year Magic!

Having woken in 2009 with a dream of the past haunting me I found it poetic to realise in the glowing day that I was on the cusp of a new decade with a Blue Moon looming overhead. The day itself was rather quiet was my family and I still dealt with the daily humdrum. I did consider whether I ought to prepare my ritual space or what little of it I have in the homestead since returning to college. In the end I decided to trust the evenings flow.
After catching up with everyone online and in forum land (and finding out that one of my old forum haunts will be back up and running soon:, I found the New Year creeping up fast. A text from my uncle told me that the Blue Moon would also be in partial eclipse tonight. So my Mom and I made sure to watch out for that at 7.22pm when the Moon had just gone full at 7.13pm. The moon was eclipsed at 20% and it seems that this is a phenomenon that won’t happen again for another 353 years! Truly magical indeed. So not only was it the first Blue Moon in 2.5 years (which is how long between Blue Moons anyway) but it was a partial eclipse.
As the Moon continued to pass overhead we continued to keep the hearth-fires burning as bright as we may so that we could well be warm, that is what a fire is for. When the heat began to split the wood logs cinders came flying out. This is usually seen as wealth and prosperity for the home. Something I think a lot of us feel a need for in order to feel secure.
To celebrate the New Year turned out to be more magical than I expected. We hugged and shared in the hope of a brighter tomorrow and then we opened the back door to let out the old. During this I felt the negativity and old, stagnant energy leaving the house and as I did so felt Reiki energy ushering it out in my hands. I visualised a red X nullifying the negative energy of the past and closed the door. Then I rushed to the front door and felt drawn to head out into the moonlight and draw down the energy. As I did so Mom said she was so glad I’d gone outside like that so I could be the first dark haired man to walk in the front door. Its a custom in Ireland around New Years. Taking my opportunity I brought the new energy in with me.
And so begins my year on a magical footing, even those in the house felt lighter and renewed afterwards without even knowing what I was doing. Have a very bless’d Year ahead, already feels so much lighter than the last. x

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