Where is Healing in the Craft is headed?

Over the past while I have been looking into healing and what it means to be a healer in the Craft of the 21st Century. Its no secret that while the Craft becomes more well-known it is being sought out my many people with scars to heal, indeed many commentators have said that the nurturing embrace of the Mother Goddess of the ‘Old Religion’ is more healing than the perceived sternness of the Father God from Christianity and the Abrahamic faiths. As some of my readers may be aware there is indeed a “Mother” Goddess and “Father” God in Wicca and the Craft and in many other neo-pagan spiritualities. Many of these will refer to the All-Father or as in Ireland; Eochaid Ollathair known as An Dagda. The mother-father principle, at its most fundamental level, is about fertility and creation, as I said in a previous post I don’t see the need to change this because regardless of orientation and gender identity the myth of the God and Goddess is one for all to reflect upon. My intention behind posting this blog is to also further enhance my own understanding of what being well in the Craft actually means.

All too often in my short while involved in the Craft I have happened upon people who were sincerely hurt and manifesting this hurt in negative patterns of behaviour. I’m not a counsellor or a psychologist or a doctor and so attempting to be more than what I am would only further hurt those who have opened up in the spirit of seeking wellness. I say this as a person who wishes to truly be a healer. In this modern world of internet forums, yahoo groups and blogs anonymity is often presumed from the start, making it easier for people to open up about the hurt and pain they’ve experienced. I recall one person disclosing in a PM to me of their worries that they may have been sexually abused by a loved one as a child but couldn’t remember and since then had turned from family. Another person disclosed on a forum I was a member off that they’d felt that they’d been cursed by a witch, yet they couldn’t clarify whether they’d actually met in person or just seen from afar, someone advised this person who appeared quite unstable to use blood in a ritual to Kali-Ma (Hinduism).

As I write this I’m training for Child Protection, so that I may work with kids and be equipped for how as a volunteer I can help if a child approaches me after experiencing some form of abuse, remembering of course that I am a volunteer. The natural reaction of a person being told that someone has been abused ranges from; sadness, anger, denial, guilt, fear/concern, etc. As social creatures we want to help people and will often ask questions in order to show our concern. In Irish law this is detrimental to the case, because first you are indicating to the child you will take care of it and as a volunteer you can’t do anything besides reporting it to the Health Services Executive (HSE). Besides the most important thing for someone in such situations is to be listened to, then when they are ready encouraged to report the issue to the authorities. As a volunteer I have other duties and boundaries to maintain and ones the child needs to be able to count on. To do any more would be to serve my own EGO and little more.

In the past I have witnessed people online and in person claiming titles not necessarily deserved and ones that serve only to be self-aggrandising in nature. The person I spoke of above with the sexual abuse in their family would later involve themselves in spiritual healing work without core understanding of the process, inevitably rejecting the difficult elements to the process and then the whole process in general. Hurt by the tool not working as promised this person later went in search of “other” teachers that would also embody the family structure they believed they wanted. Nick Farrell in his book, Gathering the Magic, also pointed out how in coven structures (and other small groups) many a time the High Priestess and High Priest will sometimes reflect the Mother and Father (which is perceivable in that the HPS and HP channel the Goddess and God in the Great Rite) and other Elders in the group will remind a person of their aunts or uncles. This can be a good thing if the pseudo-family unit is healthy and stable for growth but if not, as in the case of the person in the example above who knows what may happen.

I have noticed some Reiki Masters/Teachers also becoming the reincarnation of many well-known spiritual adepti and presuming this to be the reason they can heal a person so well. Perhaps this may be part of the paradigm in place to “explain” Reiki-energy to practitioners and facilitators in terms of linking spiritual masters from around the world to relate and reflect archetypes from people’s minds, in truth your guess is as good as mine. I do know that it has often been stated that for the well trained HPS and HP of Wicca a strong EGO is needed in order to channel the Gods well, perhaps this is so for Reiki as well but I personally would counsel caution to Reiki facilitators to remember to ground and meditated on who they are after healing because it is not possible to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I for instance am a Master Magician from a former life come to heal the world. Even if I am, which I’m not suggesting for a moment, healing the world is a tall order and best to just keep your head down and get on with it is it not?

I’ve spoken of Reiki because I’ve recognized that many Wiccans are being attuned to Reiki. For myself, I have found it to complement my healing work in the Craft. The Craft as I have said often attracts people in need of healing and we often hear tale of the wise-one down the road that held the cure for such and such which adds to the romance of being a Healer. Healing comes in many forms and yet I believe true spiritual healing is manifested in doctors and nurses, in teachers, fire-fighters, friends and family and being involved in the world around us.

Looking after one’s Chakras (whether 7, 12 or 22) has also received a lot of attention from books on Wicca and websites and even Reiki now as well. Chakras are usually characterized as ‘spinning wheels’ or energy centres and so they are meant to be activated and working them as one would work a muscle or a ligament to make it stronger. So if you find your Solar Plexus chakra lacking a natural flow arrange a get together with friends and loved ones, stimulate it with good times. For this I recommend Advanced Chakra Healing by Cindy Dale which I am currently reading and while I find things I disagree on there are things which I find very informative.

For anyone wondering how to become a healer I hope this blog has been of help in developing your understanding as much as it has been for me. x Another part of this post was due to a Wiccan friend of mine being verbally attacked over comments about people with addictions not being permitted into their coven and I wanted to address some of the core areas of mental health that I feel sometimes the best of intentions may lay waste to as seen in my comments about Child Protection. If a person never heals the wounds of childhood then they are bound to be burdened by them as adults even passing onto others.

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