Feile na Samhna 2009

Greetings blog buddies, sorry have been very hectic, still am really but Open Office and college work was stressing me out and I needed an accomplishment so here I am updating my blog 🙂
Samhain 2009 was so cool I cannot tell you. It was my first time spending the festival of the pagan New Year with other Pagans, creating a warm and non challenging atmosphere. I was invited to the Grove of Sinann in my home county of Leitrim. Once upon a time the Grove would have been hectic with people visiting for the festivals but as time and money matters come into it all it seems to have found a slower pace which oddly still suits in a weird way. Like I have this chance to see something undergoing a rebirth.
I met up with some of the Grove attendees on the Saturday afternoon with cake in tow. It’s just not cool to show up to a pagan event with nothing in hand. The night began with us all working to place everything, due to the weather we were playing it safe and didn’t set up in the tree circle. A large table and some decking was left out for us and a terra-cotta plate for the bonfire was placed at safe distance. I was tasked with gathering wood, uwwgh I felt as manly I tell ya! 😀
As the house owner regaled us with the Tale of Fionn and Eileen of the Sidhe, the deeper meanings and understanding to the past as we look toward the future seemed oddly fitting with recent events. It delivered home the difference between letting go of the past and letting it take it’s rightful place in the order of one’s life. Recent personal intuitions have also been confirmed with external readings to much of the same effect…what? I never said letting go was easy?! Now is the time for me to take control of matters myself and fearing my own shadows doesn’t aid my higher aims.
I didn’t come to this conclusion in all this time but after the sceal was told as a newbie I was nominated as the Quarry which represents the Sidhe for the coming year. The other guests represent Fionn. Each of them gave something precious to be returned on the top of Slieve Beagh which hosts a court cairn. I won but only after dodging the cow pats along the way up only to reach the very crown of the cairn and slosh into a whet one! lol I gotta say I love the irony of a “fairy playing a faery”.
Before we “broke break” we offered something to the fire and warmly wished each other a love-filled New Year.
I also got some cool information about Sinann the goddess I’ve been drawn to for a long time. I’ll share those details with you in a second installment. x

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