Feile Draiochta

Féile Draíochta – Ireland’s answer to Witchfest and Craftfest takes place on October 31st again, specific details can be found at their newly launch website here. Some of the well-known speakers will be the two main organisers of the event Lora O’Brien and Barbara Lee along with Harmonia Saille talking about Runes and runecraft, Boann and Dagda Segais will also be giving talks, Lydia Gilligan will be hosting a workshop of crafting tools and wands specifically and oh some very enlightened lady is looking pleased as she wants to talk Tantra!
Whether one is new to the pagan circuit in Ireland or not this is a fantastic resource and very encourgaging for the spirit of paganism in Ireland as it reaches ever further into the future. Heck I’m blogging on it all myself isn’t that great?…no really answer me isn’t it great or is it a steaming pile of sh1t as my saintly mother would say to me?!
Anyway back to Feile Draiochta this is a fantastic chance to meet with other Pagans from all walks of life who are working in and around Ireland (don’t worry Dagda and Boann we’ll give ye a pass for now!! ;)) and a chance to display some fabulous wares. Due in part to Barbara and Lora’s bereavements this event shall be starting small. I would also like to point out that this event is being hosted with many (if indeed not all) of the speakers volunteering their time and even some kipping on people’s couches to safe on money.
Wishing the guys every bit of success on the day and for future days! x

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