Healing Circle

Despite having a lot of ritual and spiritual work on over the next while I’ve decided to look into hosting monthly Healing Circles on the Full Moon. These would be informal settings for friends and friends of friends (within reason cause space and stuff!). I have a rough outline in my head and plan to keep it that way until I can chat the finite details out with those interested.
When I was receiving Reiki attunements I had contacted RSS in Leamy House in Limerick with plans to host a Reiki Circle in one of the available rooms. They were all on for it, I imagine that the room wouldn’t have been for free so donations for room hire would have been asked. But since the Reiki attunements need to be redone again I’m left wondering how to proceed and so a Healing Circle seems ideal.
A general Healing Circle allows for people to pool their talents into a cohesive group and make plans. I know a group in Galway that have been operating for a while now. A Healing Circle will keep me working on my own personal choices without lumping me into a mode of leadership like in the past. Ok so that is a biteen of a fib cause we all know I’m a control freak but it’s a social night for people to meet others and learn different styles as well as get some help from a group to facilitate healing.
So in favour of the HC is:
(A) Networking with other healers
(B) Socialising with other pagans/healers
(C) Celebrating Full Moon Esbats with others and can still do lone rituals
at home.
(D) The group experience can on aid me in own endeavours.
Against is:
(A) The time in organising events and venues.
(B) College is starting back up
(C) I do have other commitments which need to come first including but not
limited to College.
(D) Lack of experience in organising something like this.
Hmmm lots a thinking ahead of me yet and much insights to be sought. x

3 Replies to “Healing Circle”

  1. Not being in Ireland, my opinion may not have a lot of weight, but you may want to either hold your healing circles less frequently than every full moon, or hold them on nights other than the full moon; some of those whom might otherwise attend, might have religious obligations for that night.Otherwise, it sounds like a lovely idea!-L

  2. Hey! Lavanah beat me to the punch. Although the full moon circles sounded ideal at first, I read your "cons" list and thought it might be too big of an undertaking given time constraints. Have you thought about holding them quarterly? Perhaps around the equinoxes and solstices. This might cause conflict if there are other obligations but since the calendar of olde wasn't set in stone, you could hold the circles close to the quarterly time periods which would give the healing intentions an extra boost.

  3. Hey guys, I see your point. I was considering Full Moons because they'd simply be easier to work around. Because they'd be informal attendance wouldn't be obligatory. I've checking around and there isn't a Coven in Limerick who's toes I'd be stepping on so the only real question would be whether the individuals have plans. So may be the weekend before the next Full Moon would be best as work and religious committments might not be as big a deal.Quarterly could work as well. I guess timewise depends very much of the other members as well. I contacted Limerick Pagan Moot asking for their ideas (nicely informed crowd there) and will see what they make of it. Perhaps meeting people will make it easier as that way those interested can speak more freely.

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