The Value of Tools

What is it that one requires for magick to be cast successfully? Is it merely one’s altar and tools? Or can successful magick be cast by will alone? Personally, I am a believer in that all one requires is a clear intent and focused will for magick to be successful. So if that is so why do I collect ritual tools and regalia? The answer is put simply that tools are not intended to be used as ornamentation but because they are useful. I feel that ritual tools hold a special resonance particularly when one makes them themselves or when they are gifted from loved ones. This is because on a psychological basis we ascribe a deeper meaning to them, this is not to say one’s that are shop bought items can never hold such a value.
The consecration of ritual tools often holds a regular occurance for most witches as new items are introduced. Items or tools that are self-made can be consecrated through the construction process but personally I like to bear in mind the physical item is but one aspect and the consecration process blesses the item and also initiates it into the astral level of the working space be it a Ritual Circle or a Temple. Each new item will undoubtedly add to the energy behind one’s sacred space on the astral plane.
Deepening the relationship behind one’s tools allows one to develop deeper understanding behind the elements in motion in the various workings. From whether one views Wands as Fire or Air or various planetary associations and delegations. The Mysteries of the Craft truly no no boundaries and the investment one places into tools and regalia can be, I hope you will agree, ever evolving.
This is perhaps easy for me to say as someone who’s collection has taken off the ground, but with key tools such as wands a fallen branch suitably varnished and capped with a small piece of crystal etc. While the Pentacle/Altar tile can be made from modelling clay and decorated with paints before being varnished with clear varnish. If you don’t wish to use modelling clay for the Pentacle then why not try using cardboard? If you are opting for modelling clay then making a Goblet can be done easily enough, just create the base and roll the clay out like cord and encircle and leave to dry (engrave with sigils if so desire). Varnish the goblet once again so that it will be safe to drink from during Rites and Rituals. This leaves us with the Athame which can be a letter opener with a wooden handle engraved with a woodburner or painted with sigils. As can be seen here most of the essentials can be got in a Art and Craft shops.
I personally think that doing something of this ilk in making or constructing one’s materials can also provide more skills that deepen our relationship with the world around us.

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