Wicca and Money

While I accept that the owness should be in the Hight Priestess and High Priest of any tradition to provide larger or more costly items, such as the Ritual Sword for the Circle there is an increasing trend for people to start a working group democratically. There’s nothing wrong with this form of Wicca (its not the traditional method but regradless) as it can provide financial assistance for the group’s aims. If one is going to go down this route I would suggest rattifying a Constitution with by-laws that keep people aware. A copy of these by-laws, once agreed upon should be made for every member as they join the group and seek initiation. At this stage everyone knows how to type Word document (if someone sees crap Middle/Old English in use should be alarm bells ringing). I would suggest that people include details of how loan or gift items are going to addressed as well, such as offering a receipt with details of the length of loan which should be signed by two of the HP/HPS/Coven Maiden/Other Elder and the person loaning or gifting the item. It’s a legal contract too.
With so many group politics in motion I think that even factoring in the dissolution of the group’s property should be factored into everything. If people are worried about selling on items from group ceremonies then appropriate cleansings and de-onsecration rituals can be done, surely if the RCC can do it we can do it too?
I mentioned earlier that the ideal in my mind would be for the HP/HPS to have collected the necessary tools and I think it ought to be easy enough once they advance through the levels of their Tradition. As the image states Wicca doesn’t cost money and as a whole that is true, things like robes and personal tools can be made cheaply if so desired. The Book of Shadows and Illuminations traditionally would be copied by hand but nowadays one can copy them onto a USB key and transfer to a pc and then in the candidate/initiates free time hand copy to their own personal Book of Shadows. For a Traditional setting this could be the role of the Coven Maiden or the High Priest’s aid to do if they possess the knowledge.
As always dear readers I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on this.

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