Fitness in the Craft

Ok so sitting in my room in the middle of nowhere kinda not the best way to be launching into a tirade on the New Age movement but sure what the heck! Recent work in the holistic fields has brought something to my attention that I hadn’t really given much consideration to before, Fitness.
As hinted at in other areas of my blog I tend to cross subcultural labels somewhat (I’d actually propose nearly everyone does on some level just not always aware of it as indeed much of what I have engaged in wasn’t very well thought out at the time). I’ve called myself Witch, Wiccan, Pagan, Ceremonialist and as mentioned above I have parttaken of New Age movement, which some refer to as Lightworkers. Basically there are things I personally disagree with in all these areas and more. One thing that is common but very undervalued is the notion that people should be physically fit as well as spiritually fit.
Obesity, and looming heart attacks aside, within the Low Magick (witchcraft and paganism) and the High Magick (ceremonialism, etc) one thing often said is get out walking or try yoga. The past year has taught me this moreso than ever. I have met Lightworkers that saw only “negative” energies and Pagans that seem to ascribe to Gnostism moreso that anything else because bodies don’t need to be cared for so long as psychic abilities are developed. In fact I know Gnostics that keep in better shape than most pagans myself included!
Ranting nearly finished I have to say that I for one have joined a gym and have registered for Yoga classes. I used to frequent the gym regularly and found that my spiritual life was enriched for it because I felt happier and things physically came easier to me. Lately due to inactivity they haven’t. I’ve struggled to walk one end of the street to the other.
“When the body is strong and the mind is weak, the result is
insubordination. Train your mind as well as your body.” (Author Unknown)

I think the afore mentioned quote hints at more that we care to dwell upon, we ought to train our minds to exercise and thus develope discipline for engaging in spiritual and psychic discovery. To add something for the Craft I have wondered whether it would be wise to instill some basic excerises into the core practices. Things like some light yoga stretches or brisk walks around the neighbourhood, which could also include a Soul Walk which gives us the chance to become familiar with the nature available and various flora and fauna for various incenses and potions.

2 Replies to “Fitness in the Craft”

  1. :-)This is a subject that I tend to rant about myself. There is plenty of lecturing in all of the magical communities (regardless of methodology) of the need for discipline and concentration to be effective. Want to practice discipline? Put down the effing 5th cookie! Order a small size fries (or skip the fried foods once it a while, even!) One can be a worshiper of Gaia without resembling the planet and can be a Ceremonialist working to experience the infinite without physically expanding to that dimension!(end rant!)

  2. Thanks Lavanah! This was a post I started some months back on my old blog and I am proud to say that I have taken up the gym. This was for two reasons, while several months in the house with online community for companionship has led to unsightly pockets that I wouldn't normally have and wanted rid of. Also I remember being very alone. So I decided to get out of the house and make a social life which the gym grants me. Ironically since starting up the gym my own social life has increased a lot more again. Seems the only one blocking it was myself by holding up in the house.

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