Guide to Ritual Regalia and Tools – Part I

As many may have observed my blog is also linked to a variety of Golden Dawn blogs as well as fora. One of the most striking visuals of the ceremonial magician is arguably the cornucopia of robes and sashes and elabourate adornments. With Paganism becoming more and more visible online robes and such adornments are becoming more and more desireable and sought after and yet buying online can still be expensive. If you are wondering about attending an event or Circle for the first time and wondering what to wear well first thing is to ask what is appropriate.
I want to dedicate some of my blogging space to unique ideas to robes and tools for people because while sometimes the designs we want are so elabourate we are forced into buying the items. Basic robes are easily made. A simple sheet of natural fabric will work nicely, if you are dextrous enough to machine sow the hem it’s easy enough pattern (seen below).

If making a robe and you wish to have them coloured, this provides a great chance to make the robe yours if not sewing the garment yourself by selecting a nice dye (natural is usually the preferred form) and then you can always add in different colouring cords. This is a tip I share when involved with eclectic circles and open events as it allows a greater flow for the overall rituals. I’ve also contemplated the idea that a simple hole for the head (marked by fold on the diagram beside) and nothing else but a coloured cord to give the shape. By using a cord and not dyeing the fabric itself it allows for the use of colour associations and correspondences to be applied to the cord itself.
If cord cannot be obtained (yeah I live in the middle of nowhere! lol) some fabric can be used as sashes around the waist kind of like a bathrobe. Naturally, we’re not going to avoid spending money altogether but we can limit the expense or even just to span it over time. To recite an age-old saying, “All things have their time and place” in the Craft and even if we need to hold off completing the robe we can always under go reflection and develop new understanding of why we wish for this robe.
Part II will take a breather from robes and such and focus on some tools. In meantime I look forward to hearing people’s thoughts and ideas. I’m also including some links to some sites I enjoyed.
  • Designs handmade by Kathy from Azoth Art, while majority fo work is ceremonial based Kathy is more than happy to do custom work for people just outline what you are looking for.
  • Designs by Loki and I am currently saving up for the Celtic style robe for formal occasions.

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