Ogham Reading – 01/07/2009

I had a very interesting discussion with a pagan acquaintance of mine over the Ogham. Previously I had heard it stated that the Ogham was a form of writing, and based on later usage of the alphabet this seems to be quite apt. Largely based on Old Irish (Sean-Gaelige) it’s complexities as a divinational tool were seemingly hampered by the well-meaning intentions of some monks who attributed the Ogham to trees. While many of the tree meanings are apt some are questionable and I look forward to sitting down with my acquaintance and learning more and hopefully learning to identify some overlooked avenues with the Ogham. While my own interest in linguistics is based on interest more than a valid area of study who knows what avenues might own in years to come.
Regarding the Ogham reading some interesting confirmations arose as I asked over general romantic situations. The reading had four quatrants. Closest to me was Personal issues, furthest away and opposite was what my acquaintance termed the Transpersonal, to my left was Barriers and opposite it to my right was Possible Resolutions. Nuin, which has been seen as another tree has been depicted as female genitalia (V) fell on the outside and well past the Transpersonal and Possible Resolutions which was interesting.
The overall reading highlighted recent sublimations of my own regarding the hurt that had a physical characteristic to it. In regards to this roughly around the same time of these hurtful encounters I developed epilepsy. It also pointed out that I had put up blockades or barriers after all this hurt. But now it seems that its a matter of regulating the deeper emotions. There was also mention of avoiding stagnation as well and this I liken to my recent exploits into the world of people! lol Recent months have provided retrospection and introspection and I have been endeavouring to reclaim my social life so this was very interesting. There was much confirmation to be gained from this reading made all the more interesting based on the fact this acquaintance hadn’t actually met me previous to this.
There seems to be a theme of becoming within the readings of late. Which I am feeling more and more empowered by myself. A separate reading offered by another person part-taking of tea and banter highlighted this point as a choice between two things but in truth a third or alternative Path may also be on offer.

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