A Pagan Virgin, anyone?

Nope I’m not drunk at the bar! Though I may get me thinkin’ cap on! lol
This is actually a continuation of the last entry were I commented on my understanding of the Tinted Sphere. Post my involvment with A. I began to hide myself in harmful activities. I’m a proud person and don’t share such things easily so I will endeavour to be as honest as I can with being unduely vulgar in this entry. Like most gay men I have had one-night stands, though in my case most never even lasted a night and left me feeling very unfulfilled. Many of the harmful side-effects of this sort of behaviour have been well observed by people, from the emotional and mental ties based on psychology, to the more physical based on STDs. What I discovered myself as a sensitive was that there is also an energetic flow of energy as charactised by ancient or indigenious cultures as a sharing of the Soul or at least aspects of the soul. Realising a deeper connection to a lot of my sexual partners was step one in learning to respect myself.
I have grown up in a family that taught me to value myself and my partners regardless and not to be an easy lay. With my own spiritual path this view of life took on new dimensions and I was finally ready to absorb it into my world-view. What I decided to do and would suggest to others is a period of cleansing the energetic ties with all sexual partners. The Vestial Virgins weren’t abstinate from sex but were very skilled at recalling their energies after sexual encounters. So I took a period of avoiding sexual encounters electing to focus on myself and recalling my energies, just my own and of course restoring energies I had taken into my aura to those who they belonged to. I suggest a prayer to Higher Self or spirit guides to help cultivate spiritual healing.
With so much cleansing on the go it became evident that I would need to begin avoiding such patterns of behaviour in the future. A lot of witches use the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) twice daily. Others have different forms of protecting the sphere of sensation (aura). The aim of the LBRP was once the energetic flows had been restored to the Self in order to help protect one’s aura from influences that are uncohesive towards one’s life path and spiritual goals. Life continued throughout this 12 month process and I had been in situations were sex was on offer but as I was at a place to be more discerning I realised I was attracting people who’s aura’s or energetic flow was more cohesive to my own and the sex was made all the more special.
I still don’t have a boyfriend mind you but I do have Self-Love that is being constantly cultivated and nourished. I would like to make a quick reference to something that is off great importance and while it gets a lot of mention there is always call for more. Part of loving one’s self spiritually in terms of the Craft is unquestionably to honour the physical form as in this cause as below so above. Keeping physically healthy is important in being in the Craft and to have the strength of character to assert to one’s partner that condoms are but a small inconvience and ultimately show a lot to both of you. I heartily recommend contacting Red Ribbon Project for details and resources. Link is being added to my Favourite Site List.
I would like to add that I’m also of the opinion that one should be selective with their partners and sexual exploits if not for physical reasons at least for the same reasons one needs to be careful who they work magickally with as a connection is forged. If you feel you have found someone that is not only interested in one night stands or the like then magick of people with a deep connection properly nurtured can be very profound. Society has always had rules and guidelines for sex magick not because people sought to control (though one could safely assume this was abused from time to time as well) but to safeguard the individuals as they progressed on their Path.
Its not about locking one’s heart away but being able to honour the heart’s natural flow. So with the closing of this blog entry I wish you dear reader Love, Happiness and Health as you continue on your Path. I hope that this entry has been of aid to others and as always I open it to dialogue. x

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