Jung’s Teachings Taken to Extreme?

Carl Gustav Jung is often cited in modern Craft-lore for his theories on a Collective Uncosciousness which humanity can access. In my limited understanding Jung initially proposed this idea in order to discuss the common traits found between certain archetypes found across the world in different cultures and societies. It is entirely possible that Jung also exposed a more direct link between psychic ability and this Collective Unconsciousness but it would seem this is a later addition to his studies.
I’m not fully aware at which point the idea of the Collective Unconsciousness was adopted into Wiccan idealogy but since then directly or indirectly it seems to have had an impact on the majority of Craft practioners who work a magickal system. One phenomenon often experienced by magicians and witches alike is that of synchronicity or meaningful coincidence. In Wicca, Jung is often cited for this Principle of Synchronicity. It proposes the idea that all such “coincidences” have a predisposed intend behind their manifestation. The Collective Unconscious is a mode of expression on a subconscious level for seemingly unconnected individuals to make choices that effect a “chance” meeting.

For witches and those engaging in magick this is an ideal explanation for the process of spell-working especially when the spell pays off. In relation to meaningful coincidence I thought I’d share this with people before its made more personal with the addition of sigils etc. I was strolling around Sligo Town on May 7th, 2009 for my birthday and decided to drop into a little known treasure trove called Quirke’s. This used to be a family run butchers but Michael Quirke is a really gifted artist working with wood to render Celtic myths and legends anew. Really a lot of thought and effort goes into the conceptualisation (chat with him you’ll see yourself!) Anyway seeing as it was my birthday I decided to buy a little happiness but little did I realise that this staff, which is a Rowan just like my wand, which also given to me for my birthday two years previous. Such moments almost seem to be divinely inspired.
The idea of the Collective Unconscious is however still a theory to explain a certain process and I’m sure that I am not the only person that has noticed a tendancy for people to over rely on the Collective Unconscious to the point of replacing the core beliefs with it instead. I’m speaking of such individuals that in my experience have not totally divorced themselves from the idea that magick primarily happens on mundane levels. While I have personally struggled to see the mundane actions to warrant the likes of the staff coming to me I think that it was something as normal as another spiritually minded person leaving it behind and the owner of the shop needing space to work presenting something more meaningful, indeed far more magical than it simply manifesting from thin air.
I can’t help but send out the challenge for seekers in magick to find the beauty of some of the most mundane things. They truly are far more remarkable that the coldness of CGI effects.

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