Past Lives and the Craft

Considering the Craft is largely considered a fertility religion many people refer to incarnation and the cycle of rebirth. It’s long been claimed that many who come to the Craft really young do so because they have walked this Path before. While I am not seeking to outright discredit the concept of reincarnation and catching glimpses of someone’s life before I do wonder when it is cited as a means to assert some control over others whether subtly or expressly.
With my own limited experiences I have never fully known a previous incarnation and NEVER beyond a shadow of a doubt. I don’t think that knowing our life used to be a royal figure in Mayan culture is necessarily going to benefit use in the hear and now. And if it doesn’t why would we be shown it?
As witches let us not forget that magick is a means for us to seek unity with the Higher Self or godhead (pressuming that is one’s wish for studying witchcraft or indeed modern ceremonialism). There should in my experience be no need to be dominated by one’s past life experiences and if so the best thing one can do is to release the experience to the Higher Self as this will allow it to be accepted if need be or if it is false, which can be the case, to discern in the face of one’s Karmic life flow.

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