From Amall Acorns – Big Trees

When I first began studing magick and Wicca I was 15 years old. Like most teenagers I really didn’t see the point of waiting around for a Coven to initiate me, considering I was in the West of Ireland I couldn’t envision meeting Witches anytime soon and if I did would they be members of Covens? And as I continued to read and find out different authors with diverging life experiences and then the copious fora out there in “paganland”, I learned that many worked solitary, indeed most seemed to work as individuals.
In many respects I had felt the stirrings to what would become known to me as the “Old Ways” since I was a child. My first emersion into the worlds of magick were with a friend from school. Though this friend was also seeking some sense of control in life I think we went about this in slightly different fashions. I sought a deeper understanding (I would come to realise that I wanted to understand why I felt the call much later however) and he sought to physically control. It remains fascinating to think that someone could enter my life offering exactly what I needed. x
Since then I’ve never really stopped seeking others to work with and share in my experiences and I think that this is very natural for most people as the silence presents its own rewards it can be also be over worked and therefore under valued in later times. There are many ways to worship the Gods and I try to remember this whether with others on special days or meeting others for a coffee and a chat.
The reason for this entry is primarily because on a Yahoo Group the question was posted on what age or ages people felt appropriate for people to initiate into a Coven. My reply has it seems been dearly influenced by my own Path. I said that I felt that for those under 18 to formally initiate would be unwise for several reasons, namely that because whether they stem from a pagan family or not a few people don’t really know what it is in life they are seeking. For myself I have been pretty clear I want to be a teacher but even with this knowledge there have been moments when the Craft or rather associated discoveries have been more alluring than following my own “True Will”.
I’m neither hypocritical or naive enough to assume that my experiences will prevent or postpone anyone else who may be legally underage from learning and studying magick. I responded to the initial poster of this question stating that I felt that 15-16 years old was time enough to start looking earnestly at material and developing one’s self and if they so desire Initiation into a Coven at 18 then at least they will have developed themselves for a lot longer than the standard Year-and-a-Day (which btw no High Priest/ess is obligated to progress you unless you have achieved the desired aims and objectives).
There comes a point at which Coven work, which does require a level of commitment isn’t feasible. In the end this is something a well-adjusted Witch will be more than capable to resolve in themselves. Wicca is about being in tune with the cycles of life and whether one is in a Coven or not one may need to work alone as well. The Coven can be a great resourse but I personally feel that it should not replace certainly family desires or roles, emulate perhaps as it is no doubt an initimate grouping of people but never replace. x
I hope that this blog entry proves helpful to others and I look forward to responses if any. x

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