Midsummer and me

The Summer Solstice always marks a special time for me as it’s the day I took part in my first group ritual. The first was two summers ago in 2007 and contained an small, hab-dash gathering of people whom I had met. The Summer Solstice Ceremony itself was composed by Frater Yechidah from Occult Ireland with some spacing alotted for personal elections by individuals and considering that we were all coming together from different personal spiritualities it was the easiest option to make the overall Ceremony viable.
The event was arranged for June 21, 2007 in Dalkey Beach, Dublin. I remember feeling very nervous and wanting to do right for all the group and considering I was assuming the role of consecretor by Fire (I will have to double check that mind) and at that point most of my personal workings had centred around Earth energies as a personal comfort zone. I remember creating the Solstice Incense blend (happened upon the remainder) for the Incense and a Fire Element Mojo to help align my own personal energies to the impending work. I also wore my brightest red and yellow jumper and t-shirt respectfully. I spent a solid week working on the incense and I must say felt very witchy.
Eventually when we all made it to Dublin we went to Dalkey via the DART (my first time on a DART by the way!) when we got off we seemed to be quite some distance from the intended rendezous and so we lost one member of the troupe. Two more were no shows but you know sometimes things happen. So in the end we had to double on roles. But in no time at all we had the circle laid out. As we were laying out the required impliments wouldn’t ya know it a Reiki group showed up. I still maintain they cheated with their fire not having 9 sacred woods and by using fully dried out wood and you know if I was the skeptical sort I would suspect them of using petrol!
The day itself was quite overcast to start with but during the course of the Ceremony there came a point after all the elements were invoked and Sol was also invoked that over the horizon and presumably in the East and watching the clouds almost part as rays of light shone down on the horizon. I left with windburn (fire element perhaps) and some really chaffed and burned feet.
Last year Summer Solstice for group was a no go but one year on we all managed to meet up again and discuss things since the last meeting and how we’d all managed to grow and learn and really make headway in a lot of different avenues.
This year also had a lot of firsts for me personally as I formalised a working group with some others. For me Midsummer is certainly a time of new beginnings and achieving goals. I look forward to the seeding of today’s energies taking effect and wish everyone a blessed and happy Midsummer, Litha, Summer Solstice. x

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