The Goddess as I discover Her

As a male Wiccan I have formed a strong connection to the Goddess, almost to the detriment of the God. I have always felt a stronger affiliation to Gaia as the Cosmic Mother. The reason for my sense of affiliation is due in no small part to the strong female presence in my life through my mother and grandmothers. Also because I seem to have inherited the majority of my sensitivities from my family lines (this is quite common for Irish people really, I dare say for others too but Ireland has an ongoing acknowledgement of clairvoyancy and the like).
During the course of study for the writing of this article I found a Wikipedia entry on the etymology of Gaea, which claims that:

Etymologically Gaia is a compound word of two elements. Ge, meaning “Earth“, is found in many neologisms, such as Geography (Ge/graphos = writing about Earth)and Geology (Ge/logos = words about the Earth). *Ge is a pre-Greek substrate word that some relate to the Sumerian Ki, also meaning Earth. Aia is a derivative of an Indo-European stem meaning “Grandmother”. [1]

Considering the level to which Greek culture sought to categorize the universe and social order it seems that such a claim would not to too far off the make. While I could query the Neopagan entry in this article on Wikipedia as I personally have only really viewed Gaia as the Mother of Earth i.e. that of physical or mechanical Earth.
In developing my sense of this goddess I wanted to look into how the Irish mind might have seen her. Danú in old-Irish or Dana in modern-Irish (I prefer for former), seems to have a similar reference to the Gaia/Gaea of Ancient Greece in that she seems to embody form from the chaos of the unknown. The unknown it would appear is the deep sea or ocean, many at this point point out Jung’s concept of the Collective Unconscious. I would like to look at this from claims that there is a link between Greece and Ireland as noted in some of the myths.
To me the Goddess is far more than the perceiveable parts we see before us. While we may ‘know’ her as the afore mentioned names and others besides, I feel it is more apt to say that this is a system of classification. While this is far from the method I was intruduced to in Wicca books, it certainly seems to reflect the experiences of the Goddess I have had. While I am always reviewing my relationship in the mysteries of the Goddess.

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